Rafa Roundup: ‘We need someone like Rafael Nadal to be World No.1’



“In this game we need someone like Rafael Nadal to be World No.1. He puts such passion in his game in a way that never fails to excite me. Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic sure have the talent, but Rafa has it as well, but he brings a whole lot more of emotions together with that. An example? When he came back from his injury in 2013, to end up collecting all those incredible wins.”

El jefe de los servicios médicos de la Federación Española de Tenis y doctor personal de Rafael Nadal, Ángel Ruiz Cotorro, ha advertido del peligro que suponen para el deporte de la raqueta las lesiones de cadera, que afectan cada vez más a los deportistas a temprana edad y que ponen en juego el futuro. “El tenis nos está ganando la batalla”, dijo.

A repeat men’s singles title for Rafael Nadal in 2014 would earn him a US Open record $3 million in prize money.

Desde la Fundación Rafa Nadal trabajamos para poner nuestro granito de arena y contribuir a invertir esta alarmante situación, ofreciendo a niños y jóvenes más y mejores oportunidades de desarrollo personal y social. Luchar en favor a los derechos de los pequeños es construir un mundo mejor para todos: ellos son el futuro.

La propuesta, que se ha aprobado en sesión plenaria, reconoce la extraordinaria carrera deportiva de Nadal; número 1 del ranking ATP en varias ocasiones, 14 títulos de Gran Slam, nueve en Roland Garros; 25 Master 1000, ocho de los cuales consecutivos en Montecarlo, y 81 victorias consecutivas sobre tierra batida entre los años 2005 y 2007. El acuerdo recoge también los valores humanos y culturales de Rafael Nadal así como la perseverancia y la exigencia en el aprendizaje, su capacidad de esfuerzo, constancia y fortaleza mental.

 Daily Mail
Daily Mail

El delantero del Real Madrid, quien cayó lesionado en el primer tiempo del partido de cuartos de final de la Copa del Mundo frente a Bélgica, se mira en el espejo del tenista Rafa Nadal para conseguir la machada. Nadal renovó la salud de sus rodillas en 2013 con inyecciones de plasma enriquecido con células madre que le ayudaron a reemplazar el tejido dañado por sus lesiones, y así pudo regresar al circuito ATP de tenis en un estado de forma ideal.

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  1. Thank you, Mitch for agreeing with my “Eye of the Tiger” comment. Rafa’s intensity and
    drive is in a league of it’s own. I’ll also check out that you tube video of Connor’s 4th round of the US Open 1991. I remember Connors also generated a lot of heat and excitement on the court. but no one compares to our man, Rafa.

  2. Back in the ’70s & ’80s, Jimmy Connors played the game with the same passion & intensity that Rafa does today. He was the ultimate showman, the Muhammad Ali of tennis. Nobody could ever bring a crowd to its feet like Connors could, until Rafa came along 15 years later. If you never saw it before, watch the YouTube highlights/full video of Connors’ 1991 US Open 4th round 5-set marathon against Aaron Krickstein, when Connors was 39 years old. It’s probably the most replayed-on-TV match in tennis history. My all-time favorite quote about Rafa comes from Connors himself: “He plays like he’s broke.” VAMOS!!!

  3. Always, Rafa will be #1 no matter what the numerical ranking dictates. I totally agree with Jimmy Connors. Although Rafa, Roger and Novak all share exceptional range, skills’ set and arsenal of weapons, Rafa brings an excitement, passion and level of intensity to the game I have never seen displayed before. When he is behind he never lets up but becomes more engaged, focused and relentless. I love his swashbuckling movements, grace and charismatic fist pumps. He never ever loses his laser like focus or falls into a funk or distraction as other players have. His willingness to maintain his killer instinct and eye of the tiger is so captivating.
    I find all his matches so compelling no matter who he plays. He also has such respect for his opponents, fans and society. Such emotion and drama.

    When Rafa beat Novak in the 2013 US Open, he totally outplayed him mentally and physically. Both on the court and off he is a wonderful young man and ambassador for the sport of tennis. Win or lose he is always the best!

    • This is absolutely correct I think Rafa ia a wonderful humble young man off court court but he is a terrier on court.Never loses his temper like novak . I always recoed his matches and watch them over. I am 72 and on my bucket list is to watch Rafa live on court.Thinking of going to Barcelona next year. Any one know of a good hotel there not to far from the courts. I am reading his book at the moment and really enjoying it.

  4. I do agree with Jimmy – Rafa is the complete package for being # 1 – Class cannot be learned – you either have it or you don’t – Roger has it – Nole does not.

  5. Connors is absolutely correct. I agree totally! It’s incredible how the game lacks lustre when my great Rafa is not playing. Thanks Jimmy!

  6. well said Jimmy Connors. Lovely to know tennis greats like you appreciate the passion and grace of Rafa. He is as good as a tonic to me….Soon to be eighty and can remember any talented players……yourself included. Like Rafa you actually enjoyed the game and shared your joy…Jean Palmer . Canada.

  7. Rafa,
    Your the best, don’t give up we are all behind you. Looks like your having a good break and still very sexy .

  8. I am in total agreement with all of the others that posted their thoughts and feelings about this Great Champ Rafa, he is way awesome what a teriffic Guy and its so much fun to watch him play my favorite Sport. Love that Rafa!

  9. I agree with Jimmy totally! Rafa ha sthe passion as no other when it comes to tennis! his skills his emotions when to celebrate a point and when to focus for another point, he’s the best and I can say a true warrior when it comes to tennis! The beast for tennis love Rafa so much and am so excited to see him at roger’s cup for the whole tournament. I’m dreaming Rafa! Love from Toronto and can’t wait to see you Rafa ! I’ll be cheering you on from the gold seat!

  10. Rafa will get back to number one again.
    One of the reasons why I love watching play he has verve and passion for the game, and of course great skill. 🙂
    He seems a decent fellow with good values and I appreciate that.

  11. I am in total agreement with Jimmy Connors and others who feel Rafael Nadal is needed as No. 1 in the tennis world. He has accumulated an envious record of tennis triumphs over the years and has always had the utmost respect for his competitors and everyone with whom he has interacted during this period in his life. He has a foundation for the needy which his mother helps to supervise and he is gracious in defeat and in triumph. He is a remarkably compelling young man for all these reasons and we are happy to have him in the sport of tennis, looking forward to seeing him perform, win or lose. For his fans, he will always be No.l!!! VAMOS RAFA!

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