VIDEO: New Rafael Nadal Wax Figure Unveiled At Madrid Museum!

The Museo de Cera in Madrid just unveiled a brand new wax figure of Rafael Nadal. Check it out:

What do you think of the new wax figure? Is it terrific or terrifying? Think it looks like Rafa? Comment back!


  1. It’s difficult to assess the sculpture. However, I believe it lacks the passion that is Rafa’s! It is a a subdued Rafa, not the fierce competitor we see on the tennis courts. It does present a good looking, placid countenance that we can all recognize as Rafa; there’s no denying that. I would have preferred to see a more animated Rafa.

  2. I agree the brows are a bit heavy! lower lip a bit too full, the bandana is the missing piece,and too much hair, the hair need to be in Rafa shag style! It’s ok but not the best I guess it can never be like the original Rafa looks! Wax after all!

  3. Some angles look better than others but Rafa usually has “designer stubble” and messy hair which I prefer. Nothing like the real thing is there?

  4. If I honest doesn’t do rafa justice… needs to have his bandana or hat on and his face isn’t as gorgeous lool x

  5. No way a wax figure can capture Rafa’s energy and charisma but for what it is, it’s not too bad..

  6. im so proud of you idol God bless you and your family clan especially your girl friend Maria FRancisca Perello

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