New ATP Rankings: Novak Djokovic closes in on Rafael Nadal in rankings

The Emirates ATP rankings have been updated. Our champion Rafael Nadal is at No. 1 with 12,500 points. He has 170 points more than Novak Djokovic and 6,975 more than Stan Wawrinka.

Top 10 in the current ATP Rankings:

ATP Rankings - June 16, 2014
ATP Rankings – June 16, 2014

Rafa’s still #1 in the year-to-date rankings. VAMOS RAFA!


  1. Sigue siendo el número 1 y será siempre ya que ha sido mi ejemplo e inspiración para pelear contra este cáncer que empieza a ceder

  2. rafa has nothing to prove anymore!!! He got all the trophies of all the grandslam and olympic!

  3. Agreed, let’s hope for a positive WImbledon (easy first round, please to gain some good feelings), good health, and 3-4 more GS’s.

  4. Let’s not forget that Rafa has NO points to defend in Wimbledon ! And Nole has to be in finale to keep his points and to win to be number one whereas Rafa has to win 3 matches to secure rankings. After that it will be difficultés until US OPEN for Rafa. But Nole has a lot yo defend by the end of the year!

  5. as long as rafa is a force to be reckoned with in grand slams, rankings are not that important. please keep beating jokevic in every grand slam !

  6. #1 or #2 what difference does it make at this stage of their career? Rafa has more points
    to defend after Wimbledon and Nole has more points to defend after the US Open so
    the points are going to bounce back and forth throughout the year. What’s amazing
    is maintaining a top 1-4 ranking the past few years. I agree, Rafa doesn’t have to sweat it
    out when he faces Nole anymore. He always beats him at the GS Finals, a much greater
    stage. He is always a delight to watch because his style of play is so exciting!
    Rafa, always a winner!

  7. wonderful, God bless you more King of Court my matador my Hero and my idol Vamosssssssssssssssssssssss

  8. I agree. I do not think Rafa actually gives a rats arse about rank points. Neither do I. He is unique, innovative, a delight to behold, a lovable man of character . His virtues need no points assessment. Love to all Jean Palmer Winnipeg Fan Club.

  9. Tbf rafa never to fussed about this so we don’t care he our number one regardless. No one I support more. Much love xx

  10. Let us not worry about ranking but a good Wimbledon would be a real bonus for Rafael. The real ranking is that our champion defeated Novak Djokovic in The French Open and in the US Open. Vamos Rafaaaaa

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