Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal Makes Forbes List Of Top Paid Athletes

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My feeling is that too many of the things that can go wrong at any given time did for Nadal at Wimbledon, just as so many things have gone right for him in Paris. Nadal certainly needs to recapture the proficiency as well as the unbridled enthusiasm he once demonstrated as he barreled over those Wimbledon lawns. The evidence suggests that he’s more than willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that. “I’m healthy,” he said in Paris. “That’s the most important thing, I feel.” You may remember that after Nadal was unable to defend his Wimbledon title in 2009, he bounced back the following year with an win over Tomas Berdych. The situation is somewhat different this year, but not so much so that a Nadal triumph would seem a surprise.

Roger Federer is once again the highest-earning tennis player and Rafael Nadal is once again the second-highest, according to Forbes. The magazine, which annually estimates the earnings of the world’s top athletes, has Federer earning $56.5 million over the previous 12 months, which puts him at No. 7 overall. Nadal earned $44.5 million, putting him at No. 9. Boxer Floyd Mayweather, with $105 million, was No. 1, followed by soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, with $80 million.

Toni Nadal, Carlos Moyá, Tomeu Salva y Carlos Costa, junto al propio Rafael Nadal, son algunos de los protagonistas de un reportaje sobre el número uno mundial emitido recientemente en Televisión Española. “Rafael tiene la condición de no divo”, dice Toni, su tío y entrenador. “Desde finales de 2005, tuvo que ir adaptando su juego a sus problemas físicos”, añade. Nadal reconoce la importancia del cariño de la gente: “No hay nada más bonito, aparte de lo que pueda ser una victoria”.

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“I don’t count 2012 like a loss,” the left-hander said. “I was totally injured from my knee. I didn’t play anything for seven months. Last year I tried. I was not well enough. And this year, talking about my knee, I’m much better than last year. I lost today because my rival was playing better than me.”




  1. They suffer lots of injuries for which ever sports they are in and it can be life time, no good knees, bad shoulders, back problems,chronic pains, they need their own personal physio therapist, physical trainer coach and so many more people to make them who they are. ATP makes lot of money because of Rafa, Novak, Roger, AnDy so why not? They deserved all the money they worked their butts out to earn it all the physical, mental and emotional stress to deal with day in day out.

  2. They r high profile athletes they expect to get paid the major bucks so no big deal to them and none to me I just want rafa to win every tournament he enters love u rafa


  4. et bien raphael tu est une tres grande vedette avec la gloire avec ca je te souhaite une tres grande santé sans te blesser .et surtout avec le plus beau sport quil est le tennis .

    • ppl all over the world work their tails off but get ripped off or are working poor or are owned by banks or the govt or whatever reason..sportsmen/women get paid way more than they deserve and shouldn’t be that way.

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