Rafael Nadal Wimbledon 2014 Nike Outfit

The grass court season is just a few days away! World No.1 Rafael Nadal, enjoying incredible form after winning an historic ninth title on the clay of Roland Garros, will compete in London wearing the 2014 Premier Rafa Crew, redesigned Nike Premier Rafa Jacket, and the Nike Gladiator Premier 7-inch Shorts.

Wimbledon 2014: Rafael Nadal Nike Outfit
Wimbledon 2014: Rafael Nadal Nike Outfit

Source: NikeInc.com


  1. Rafa looks great in everything he wears! at first I didn’t like the shorter length of shorts but he looked amazing and he’s so unique that’s why Nike try all the new style and fashion on him he’s chic, young sexy and has the best ass in the world to wear any thing! No other player can be compared with Rafa, just stand out on the court and yes all his rituals love it and he’s just extra special ! good luck Rafa and I’ll be cheering you on from Toronto and I can’t wait to see you for the whole tournament in Toronto.Waiting patiently and I’m dreaming about meeting you in person and get pictures also autographs.

  2. Is there anything else you non-Rafa fans can find to attack him about? He gets paid to wear the outfits that Nike produces for him. If he is comfortable in the clothes then what does it matter what you think. He looks good in anything he wears. White is a Wimbledon tradition, get over it! Actually I loved his outfits when he first started playing – the capri length pants and sleeveless shirts. It set him apart from everyone else.

  3. Nicki Smith its called ‘tradition’ Wimbledon is the best tournament in the world and the classiest. 🙂 and Miriami Harris, I agree with everything you say 😀 Rafa would look stunning in a bin bag!!!!!!!!!! The white compliments his beautiful skin. I cant wait for Wimbers and seeing Rafa again. VAMOS 😀

  4. Rafa looks amazing in whatever he wears and the white is fantastic on him. Good luck Rafa, will be watching you this afternoon with my heart in my mouth! I know you can do it!

  5. Love it! Rafa looks great in anything! Vamos Rafa! Good luck in the finals! Good luck at Wimby!

  6. All his kits are beautifully designed, but he is incredibly, excruciatingly sexy in tennis whites.

  7. So sick of the white. The Wimbledon folks need to get over themselves and stop being so freakin’ stuffy! This is 2014, not 1914. Take a look at what the players wear when they have free rein. No one, but no one, wears all white.

    • Keeping tradition is fine! You stop being stuffy. What are you gonna propose next? That we stop putting Christmas trees up because it’s an old tradition? Wearing White is original and classic. Calm down

  8. Looks rather plain until Rafa puts it on then it becomes icon fashion. The jacket looks awesome.

  9. The white is clean and crisp, BUT I think the shorts are too boxy and just a little too short. In the early days he wore his shorts too long, now in the last two tournaments he has worn his shorts a little too short and too boxy. He has gorgeous legs but he has a muscular butt and in the too short shorts it makes it look bigger. The shorts should be a little longer. The shorts for Rome and Roland Garros were awful. The shirt/short combination in Rome was atrocious and he repeated the same shorts at Roland Garros? He’s got such a beautiful body, it’s hard for him not to look great in everything, but make the shorts a little longer and narrower

  10. All white is my fav on him. However, he should always have a soccer neck… that style flatters him more than a round neck.

  11. Whites are classic and Rafa can wear white. So long as the pockets function properly and Rafa is feeling fit then Vamos!

    • I had to wait 5 years before I saw him live last month in Barcelona? I was the cat that got the cream, couldn’t believe I,was there and I got his autograph and lots,of photos too

  12. Rafa looks good all the time..on and off the court…he will look gorgeous in white as he does in bright colours..always immaculate..vamos Rafa…from Durban, South Africa

  13. He looks immaculate in any outfit he has on, that is part of his class and style the way he dresses, he’s fussy, he’s fastidious, he’s thorough, he’s particular, he likes ‘routine’ he’s a little superstitious that is why he goes through a routine that he never wavers from, you know about his drink bottles being placed exactly facing the correct way, and his routine before he finally runs out on court, whats wrong with that, that is RAFA and that is what sets him apart, and makes him RAFA don’t you get sick of listening to FRED STOLLE AND MARK WARDFORDE WARBLING ON ABOUT HOW MUCH TIME HE TAKES TO SERVE, AND HOW HE GOES OVER THE LIMIT OF 25 seconds and he is not being pulled up, cmon guys give him a break will you if that is all you got to complain about, I mean I don’t like listening to you commentating, about time we had a change, glad Taylor Dent is not here either, remember you guys RAFA FANS EVERYWHERE are listening to you, whether we llke it or not, we have to put up with it think about that too will you……and before I go I will tell you this much whether RAFA WINS AT PARIS AGAINST NOVAK OR NOT AND LETS HOPE HE DOES, BECAUSE THERE IS NO DOUBT HE IS THE UNDER DOG, BY THE MEDIA YOU COMMENTATORS AND ALL RAFA NADAL KNOCKERS , WHO HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THIS GREAT CHAMPION WHO HAS TO KEEP COMING BACK YEAR AFTER YEAR TO PROVE HE CAN DO IT AGAIN, 8 times and a possible 5 in a row, 8 times did you get that 8 times already, and again this year makes it FIVE IN A ROW, now who will ever beat that while he is around……YOU CAN DO IT RAFA GO OUT THERE AND DON’T LET NOVAK SPOIL YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT TO YOUR SELF AND YOUR FAMILY AND ALL YOUR FANS WHO WILL BE CHEERING YOU ON BIG TIME..

  14. Nothing new, he always looks stunning! VAAAMOOOSSS RAAAAAFAAAA, VAAAMOOOSSS CAMPEOOONNN, on Sunday first and forever after!!!

  15. Да нормально, испанец в белом гораздо интереснее, чем в голубом.

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