Rafael Nadal Wimbledon 2014 Nike Outfit

The grass court season is just a few days away! World No.1 Rafael Nadal, enjoying incredible form after winning an historic ninth title on the clay of Roland Garros, will compete in London wearing the 2014 Premier Rafa Crew, redesigned Nike Premier Rafa Jacket, and the Nike Gladiator Premier 7-inch Shorts.

Wimbledon 2014: Rafael Nadal Nike Outfit
Wimbledon 2014: Rafael Nadal Nike Outfit

Source: NikeInc.com


  1. Rafa looks great in any colouring. Once his foot is managed by his doctor I don’t care what he wears. All good wishes Rafa ☘️☘️👏

  2. They’ve said it all: Rafa looks astonishingly well in ANYTHING! We expect him to win at Wimbledon, but if he doesn’t, we’ll still support him in everything he does. Here’s to RAFA, our champion No. 1! May he live long and continue to prosper! The world is a better place with him in it. VAMOS RAFA!!!

  3. Rafa looks great in everything he wears! at first I didn’t like the shorter length of shorts but he looked amazing and he’s so unique that’s why Nike try all the new style and fashion on him he’s chic, young sexy and has the best ass in the world to wear any thing! No other player can be compared with Rafa, just stand out on the court and yes all his rituals love it and he’s just extra special ! good luck Rafa and I’ll be cheering you on from Toronto and I can’t wait to see you for the whole tournament in Toronto.Waiting patiently and I’m dreaming about meeting you in person and get pictures also autographs.

  4. Rafa, thanks for being a good role model. You clothing is perfect. Enjoy Wimbledon!

  5. Is there anything else you non-Rafa fans can find to attack him about? He gets paid to wear the outfits that Nike produces for him. If he is comfortable in the clothes then what does it matter what you think. He looks good in anything he wears. White is a Wimbledon tradition, get over it! Actually I loved his outfits when he first started playing – the capri length pants and sleeveless shirts. It set him apart from everyone else.

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