VIDEOS: Rafael Nadal ready for French Open semifinal showdown with Andy Murray

Rafael Nadal is ready to confront Andy Murray

Rafael Nadal’s press conference

Nadal vs Ferrer Highlights

Videos: Roland Garros


  1. And I always get anxious when players talk about their game so openly, isn’t that giving away their tactics, potential weaknesses etc
    I wouldn’t want to let on how I was feeling- or is it just so obvious to the pros plus they know each other so well on the tour?..

  2. I feel like Rafa could be getting more support, he’s number 1 and the top of this tournament- shouldn’t they be putting him On the top courts, first on the order of play and telecasting all his interviews! The people want to see him!
    Vamos Rafa I think you’re amazing!

  3. Andy and Rafa have met 19 times and Rafa has won 14 of them, he should win this one too, we can’t have Andy spoiling his 28th birthday can we, another PARIS win may finally make him the best Tennis player of all time, who else can do it, when we have the likes of Roger and Novak and Andy all wanting to win this for the 1st time, but RAFA THE KING OF CLAY AS PEOPLE HAVE NAMED HIM, continues to prove invincible on this court, that should be renamed RAFA NADAL….RAFA FOREVER RAFA RULES RAFA THE LION KING RAFA, LONG MAY HE REIGN THE PRINCE OF SPAIN….would love to see him go on and beat NOVAK DJOKOVIC that would be the best present for his 28th birthday…..CHEERS RAFA GO FOR IT AND KIA KAHA ‘BE STRONG’ AND YOU WILL TRIUMPH FOR THE NINETH TIME!……..

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