VIDEO: Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem highlights (second round) – 2014 Roland Garros

Video: Roland Garros


  1. It is always so entertaining to watch you play, the way you move around the courts is liked dancing on clay. Every ball you hit with such conviction and aggression and passion, I hope you will go all the way to take your no 14 grand slams next week! Vamos Rafa! Good luck.

  2. May God listen to your words, Miriama! Or if Rafa will meet djok, hope He will let him win this time…!!! VAAAMOOO999 RAAAFAAA !!!

  3. So glad that game is over, and RAFA has come out on top, well done RAFA , you are looking good, and moving around that court like the Rafa of old, great to see. What a force Dominic Thiem will be in the future an amazing talent indeed, would hate to see him in the same quarter next time. He will be brilliant and tough to beat in the very near future.
    As for Martin Klizan who seems to be blasting his way through every round I plck him to meet Novak DJOKOVIC and cause the big upset of the tournament by taking him out.

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