VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Hits An Impossible Shot Against Mikhail Youzhny

Rafael Nadal hit this stunner of a shot in Thursday’s round three match against Mikhail Youzhny. Watch and enjoy:

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Well u did it again rafa u fought like a dog and won 3 more to go I live every point with u good luck tomorrow u can do it I know u can king of clay for life

  2. It is so good to see RAFA playing so well and gaining confidence with each win, I think his only problem is ‘a mental thing’ especially when he goes through ‘losses’ and trying to regain his confidence and ‘having doubts in himself ‘ takes time to overcome. I do hope he wins against ANDY MURRAY, who hasn’t really troubled him too much in the past, and if he does will face either FERRER or DJOKOVIC and really either one of them will be tough FOR RAFA….and I don’t want to entertain the thought no not one bit….but I find it easier to to prepare myself for the disappointment should it happen….and that is DJOKOVIC may just have the edge to take this one….sorry……but its RAFA now past and present that will always be……..VAMOS RAFA…..

  3. Rafa’s “tenacity” should be bottled and sold like water around the world. Today he displayed persistent determination, a retentive mind and was stubbornly unyielding.

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