Meet Rafael Nadal’s long lost twin brother

We Rafa fans have been chanting “there’s only one Rafael Nadal” from the stands all these years, but it seems we are wrong.

Rafael Nadal meets his look-alike, a Madrid bus driver José Manuel Ramiro (Photo via
Rafael Nadal meets his look-alike, a Madrid bus driver José Manuel Ramiro (Photo via

The King of Clay has a look-alike, and his ‘long lost twin’ commonly gets mistaken for Rafa. The look-alike is a Madrid bus driver named Jose Manuel Ramiro and was caught on camera with Rafa at the Adopted Son of Madrid ceremony. Jose has even worked as Rafa’s body double on a car commercial.  If you resemble the top tennis player in the world, you’re bound to get a ton of attention, and sure enough, he says he’s been in the scrutiny of gazes everywhere he goes.

Photo: EFE/J. J. Guillén
Photo: EFE/J. J. Guillén

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  1. With just a glance I know our lovable Rafael Nadal, his genuine boyish smile will always melt our heart, His brooding emotional face will always captivating us. Rafael Nadal is the one n only our lovable champ.💖💖💖💖

  2. Rafa is far way better looking, just look at his smiles, boyish smiles that melt all hearts. For those having negative thoughts of Rafa, please think twice before you post your comments.

  3. Looking at one comment in particular,this person obviously has Not achieved anything worth while in his life like Rafa. Jelousy is a dreadful thing,He is afetr all the no 1 tennis player & anyone who has played any sport knows you have off days ,

  4. The FRENCH OPEN is RAFAS to LOSE not win. Common sense tells you he’s the firm favourite. He can only lose it. Judging by how he played against Almagro I think he needs to pull his finger out.

    • so why would you write negative about Rafa if he wins or loses no one needs your negative comment if you are a Rafa fan you will write words of encouragement to him come on now! Get a life! leave Rafa alone he’s only human

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