VIDEO: Rafael Nadal prepares for Madrid Open challenge

Video via IB3TV


  1. I dont think this is Spanish, but Manacori, it is almost like another language they speak in Mallorca.
    Here is the little I could make of it, if it happens to be of any help:
    Reporter:” … make some changes on the way he hits the ball..”
    “… the tournament (Madrid) is not the most favorable for the Manacori (Rafa)…”
    “…. Nadal needs confidence and he can only achieve that with victories. ..”
    Toni: “…I am not used to. …. Monte Carlo e Barcelona. … champion and finalist last year. ..”
    Rafa: ? 🙂 He is the fastest speaker, the harder to understand.
    Toni: “Madrid is the most difficult clay tournament for Rafael… but you have to try. … many possibilities. … and above all to be well prepared”.
    Rafael: “Madrid is the most difficult. … to try… to train. .. wait for Rome…. try in Paris. .”

    Sorry I couldn’t be any more helpful….

  2. I would also like to remind you that MANY of Rafa’s supporters do not speak Spanish! Translation, please!

    • Pour avoir la traduction il suffit de faire un copier coller sur Bing et vous aurez toutes les traductions des commentaires de Rafa et Toni .. Voilà si j’espère avoir pu Vous aider 🙂

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