Rafa Roundup: What’s going on in the Land of Nadal?

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Also, keep in mind that Nadal has to make things interesting for himself, as well as for us. And there’s nothing like a bloody nose to ratchet up your fighting spirit. Well, we’re getting a step or three ahead of ourselves here. For all I know, Nadal will rip through the fields at Madrid, Rome, and Paris, and all will be well again in Rafaland.

El tenista Rafa Nadal será nombrado Hijo Adoptivo de Madrid en un Pleno extraordinario que se celebrará el 5 de mayo, como ha avanzado este martes la alcaldesa de la capital, Ana Botella, en la presentación del Longines Global Champions Tour.

Rafa siempre ha hecho la temporada de tierra impecable año tras año y siempre creemos que no lo va a poder superar o igualar. Y, bueno, hasta ahora lo ha conseguido. Cada vez es más duro y él lo reconoce. Hasta ahora siempre lo ha conseguido. ¿Por qué pensar que no va a poder estar ahí un año más?

Perhaps a few weeks as the underdog could be the ultimate coagulant. Just as he did in 2010 and 2013, when he returned from serious injury to win multiple Grand Slams, Nadal once again finds himself cornered, doubted, and with his back against the wall. Could it be that the Spaniard has the rest of the tour just where he wants them? Has he backed himself into the corner from which he will emerge, punching with such force that nothing can deny him from the Roland Garros title?

Right now, a few of those key points are starting to go the other way. Maybe it means nothing. Nadal is 59-1 at Roland Garros. He has won the French Open eight times. It’s as foolish to bet against him now as it was three weeks ago. But if nothing else, the recent results are disorienting. So much of tennis is won by the mind. Nadal is still the best clay-court player in the world. But he came home and, for a few moments that mattered, found that the landscape had changed.

La jugadora de bádminton Carolina Marín, campeona europea y primera medallista española de este deporte, afirmó este lunes que el tenista Rafa Nadal es su “ejemplo a seguir”, en una rueda de prensa tras lograr el título europeo absoluto en Kazán (Rusia).

When you play against taller opponents – against Juan Martin del Potro rather than David Ferrer – topspin isn’t so effective. And topspin is good at Roland Garros and at other clay-court tournaments, but not always so good on hard courts when the ball doesn’t bounce so much.




  1. You are a fighter Rafa and if anybody can get over whatever is affecting your game, you can. You have done it before and you can do it again. Vamos Rafa xxx

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