The king of Twitter: Rafael Nadal Reaches 6 Million Twitter Followers

Rafael Nadal has become the first tennis player to exceed six million Twitter followers, making him one of the 200 most-followed accounts on the social-media service.

Rafa uses his account to update his fans, in both Spanish and English, about his news on and off the court and to share photos and videos. He currently follows 74 Twitter accounts, including those of NBA star Pau Gasol, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Alonso, yours truly Rafael Nadal Fans and the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

© Twitter: Rafael Nadal

Exactly 1000 days have passed since Rafa’s first tweet on August 2, 2011. Doing the match, that means that an average of 6000 people from all over the world follow @RafaelNadal on Twitter every day. Are you one of those? If not, you should! 🙂

How long do you think will it take Rafa to reach ten million followers? Plus, who do you think will be the next tennis player to reach the same number of followers as Rafa? Tell us your best guess below. VAMOS RAFA!


  1. Good for you Rafa!! Glad you have a high Twitter following, but I would rather you win more titles, my man, but these few losses lately, well, it wasn’t meant to be, right Raf?? Just get back in top shape, and stay fit physically, and just go get ’em tiger!!!!!! Greetings from San Diego, CA, and Vamos Rafa, Vamos!!! Love you lots!!!!!

  2. Rafa is really the best and most favourite player to have the crowd in every stadium that’s why ATP will not be the same without Rafa.Not sure who will follow Rafa with the most fans. Rafa is so loved. Wish him to satay healthy and continue to play tennis for more years. Good luck Rafa and congrats on the most tweets I’m also one of your fan

  3. I just read elsewhere that Rafa has more Twitter followers than Federer & Djokovic combined. I’m not surprised since the ATP tournaments and slams always seem to schedule Rafa’s matches for the most fan-friendly time. They know which player is their biggest drawing card, their meal ticket, the superstar that fans most want to see play, and it sure ain’t the 2 guys from Switzerland & Serbia. It’s Mister Excitement, The King Of Clay, The Raging Bull – Rafa!!! VAMOS!!!

  4. my wish for you always goodluck and make your body physically fit to play the game.

    • and 47 clay titles would be nice. But what we want is his health and happiness and belief in himself! Then the rest will come . . .

  5. tu es le king de la terre battue gagnes roland garros j’aimerai tant avoir un autographe de toi tu es mon idole vamos rafaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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