Join Rafael Nadal and Iker Casillas at Mutua Madrid Open’s star-studded Charity Day!

The Mutua Madrid Open, in conjunction with Rafael Nadal and Iker Casillas, is organizing a charity sports day at the Caja Mágica, and some big names are on the invitee list. Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, basketball player Rudy Fernández, Spanish models Laura Sánchez, Nieves Álvarez and actress Ana Fernández, among others, will join Rafa and Casillas to take part in the event on May 2nd at the beginning of the Mutua Madrid Open tournament. Tickets for Charity Day can be purchased at, starting at 5 euros.

The competition promises to be fun and hints at upcoming surprises, with a tennis competition and a football-tennis competition (fancy that!), with sixteen players organized in teams of two. Money raised from ticket sales will support The Rafa Nadal Foundation’s “Integration and Sport” project and the Iker Casillas Foundation’s “Inclusive Sport for Differently Abled Children”.

So folks, those of you lucky to live in or visiting Spain at the time of the competition, this is your chance at spending a fun day with some stars in the Caja Magica, all for a worthwhile cause.  See you there!

Source: Mutua Madrid Open


  1. That’s the thing I like most about Rafa. He doesn’t go around bragging about all his charity work like “The GOTWE”(The Greatest Of The Weak Era) does. Rafa simply goes about his business regardless of whether the media is covering his good deeds or not. He doesn’t need to constantly talk about it and showcase it with television commercials like “The GOTWE” does. Rafa is a true mensch. VAMOS!!!

  2. I sure wish I could attend the event but unfortunately I do not live in Spain. I wish them complete success, Vamooooooooooooooooos Rafa Nadal!

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