Rafa Roundup: Nerve-wracking night for Rafans


… ”I felt empty the whole match. It was very humid, and this was the toughest day of all. I just didn’t feel that great physically, and I’m not talking about the back. I just didn’t feel that great. It was close because he played well, and I didn’t play my best.” Nadal acknowledged his victory was lucky. ”The tiebreak was a lottery. But I played better in the tiebreak than the rest of the match.”

… “I played one of the best matches of my life,” Andujar said afterward. “Maybe the best. But I had a great one across from me.” … If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again—and on that final try, Nadal succeeded. Barely.

… “I guess the difference from top players to the others is that we have less bad days. When I don’t play well I keep playing, fighting, running for every ball and looking for chances to win anyway,” said Nadal.

… El mallorquín, dolido en la espalda y en una mano, salva dos puntos de partido y once bolas de break para remontar 2-6, 6-3 y 7-6 a Andújar y citarse hoy en la final con Dolgopolov.


PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal reaches the Rio Open final with victory over Pablo Andujar

REMINDER: What time does Rafa play against Alexandr Dolgopolov, and where can you watch? Find out here! // ¿A qué hora juega Rafa? ¿Dónde puedo seguir el partido? Descúbrelo aquí.


  1. Rafa is just amazing, sexy and hot and the best # 1 tennis player and I just adore him. stay healthy and get some rest. love from Toronto

  2. +I agreee with Brigitte – it was a thrilling match and I too was on the edge of my seat. I worry so much about Rafa’s knees and now just as much about his back. I hope so that your back heals at 100 percent Rafa. I hope you can play without serious injury and pain for the rest of your career, and may it be a long one. God Bless you during your match against Dogopolov this day, may you play your best and without pain. Love Marylynn.

  3. Thank you for a thrilling match yesterday. I was on the edge of my seat. The relief on match point was indescribable. Hope your back is OK. Good luck for tonight. Take care. Vamos Rafa.

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