PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal wins Rio Open to claim 62nd career title

Since yesterday’s tough-fought semifinal, Rafa’s fans have been anticipating match time with bated breath. We can now collectively breathe a sigh of relief. Rafael Nadal defeated Ukraine’s Alexandr Dolgopolov in this much anticipated Rio final in straight sets, 6-3, 7-6(3). It was Nadal’s 43rd clay title and stretches his record on the surface to 298-21, the best of the Open era.

We arrived at match time without knowing the condition of Rafa’s health and of the ailments he’d been troubled by, and the match couldn’t happen soon enough for us.  The first set started with an easy hold for Rafa, and none of the signs of trouble that showed up early in the last match. Rafa broke to gain a lead, and, despite hitting only one winner, took the set at 6-3. Rafa broke early in the second set and consolidated to gain a 3-1 lead. Dolgopolov broke at a crucial moment, as Rafa was serving for the match, and consolidated to 5-6. Rafa forced the second set into a tiebreaker and took the set, and the match, at 7-6.

YOU DID IT, RAFA! Congratulations on your second  title of the season, your first clay court win of the season! Hope you get some good time to rest and relax, and then we’ll be seeing you in Indian Wells! VAMOS!


  1. Congratulation for the Rio win!! Enjoy your holidays with more photos of your girlfriends. Have a good rest and all the way victory for 2014!!

  2. +CONGRATULATIONS Champion. So glad and happy for you Rafa. Rest up and take care of your health. God Bless and be with you. Love, Marylynn.

  3. I am so happy that Rafa won and am proud of him he dealt with pain and made it thru. Vamoooooooooooooooos Rafa.

  4. Congratulations Rafa. Well deserved win. Enjoy your rest and take good care. Look forward to watch your next match. Vamos Champ.

  5. I can now breathe a sigh of relief Rafa winning when not at his best ,the semi final was touch and go but he went and I breathe out. He will have to improve to keep up the momentum .Vamos Rafa

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