Rafael Nadal practices ahead of semifinal with Roger Federer at Australian Open

Rafael Nadal was back on the practice court again, preparing for the semifinal against Roger Federer on Friday. Rafa is sporting a smaller, circular bandage on his hand. Hopefully this will less obtrusive during his match. Here’s hoping that the blister doesn’t bother him and that he’s able to play at his 100%, unbeatable self. Vamos!

Photos: Chris Hyde/Getty Images


  1. May God Bless and Protect our Champion Rafa !!! 🙂

    Que Dios Bendiga nuestro Campeòn Rafa !!! 🙂

  2. +Rafa: I hope that blister on palm of your hand is better. I dont know why you are not allowed to bring your own bandage on court with you and change it yourself. Some things just don’t make sense – especially the 20 second rule – the atp masters tournaments allow you 25 seconds the rule should be the same between ATP and ITF. Oh well, you’ve adapted well to that as far as I’m concerned (and all players play at a different pace.) Please find a way to be at your best tonight Rafa. Feel well and have a Great feeling on court tonight. Love Marylynn.

  3. He said blister only bothers him when he serves, otherwise no. And serve is so important against Fed, so I hope this smaller blister would bother him less because he made few double faults against Dimitrov and some of them were on breakpoints. Actually I saw two.

  4. I always believe in his skill and ability and I hope and pray he is able to play his best even with a blister on his palm, It was unusual to see him commit a lot of double faults in his match but regardless he was able to win. That proved how competitive and motivated hie is against all odds. Would be happy to see him raise the AO troply again. Vamos!

  5. I would mostly wish a soon Rafa´s hand recovery, and that he´ll be abel on Friday, not only to play 100%, but to win at the same time. For Him&His Team, my best friendly greetings from The Canaries. C. Javier

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