2013 Rafael Nadal Fans Awards: What was Rafa’s best tournament of 2013?

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  1. Every tournament won by Rafa is special for me. But the best tournament is Roland Garros, beating Novak in that epic semi final match, and claiming his 8th RG trophy is the best in history. To simplify, Roland Garros is his Kingdom!

  2. ALL of Rafas wins are GREAT! I cry every time, that’s how strong is my joy! Please Rafa, AO next!!! VAAAMOOOSSS RAAAFAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Indian Wells, Rg, and the best is the U.S Open 2013 I cried when he won every time because I’m so happy to see Rafa playing tennis again. I missed him so much for the seven months he was off court

  4. Roland garros is still my number one,no one has eight,but Rafa. Then U S Open after that IndiaN wells.But Rafa has played some great tennis this year with each Tournament,but the above are my choice.

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