Pseudo Fed: What I really think about Rafa’s season

Hello My fans!

It is with great pleasure that I write for you again. I hope 2013 has been fun for you and your families. Did you watch much tennis? I didn’t. I usually watch a lot more but for some reason I was allowed to leave many of the tournaments early. This gave Me time to get to the next tournament.

I have been asked to write about My feelings concerning Rafaello Nadal and the year he has had. Well, obviously I’m not happy about it. I thought he was gone for good when he left and maybe he would take up the golf and go and spoil somebody else’s party. But he had to come back didn’t he. Do I mind? Yes. However, like in all great stories there is the little twist towards the end as Mr Bruce Willis discovered in The Sixth Sense.

I’ve been playing the “number 1” game for some time. However, at the beginning of the year I called a staff meeting. Had I gotten it wrong all these years? I think so. Let me ask you, which is better 1 or 10? If somebody asks you to rate a movie film out of 10, 1 is the lowest, 10 is the best! What would you prefer to have? 1 Lindt chocolate, or 10? You can see My lines of thinking here.

Source: Bauer Griffin
Source: Bauer Griffin

At the beginning of the year I made the contemplations whilst sitting with My legs crossed and staff were rubbing My chin to help Me think. I can now reveal that it has been My intentions throughout 2013 to try and find the number 10! It made for a tough year and I wasn’t exactly sure how the points system would help, but let’s face it, nobody really understands the points anyway.

So upon the reflections, Rafaello hasn’t had a good year at all whilst I had a fantastic year! I had more rest, more vacations, more family time and more TV time. In fact I watched a lot of television and discovered a documentary called Breaking Bad. It’s amazing how times have changed, when I was at school My chemistry teacher wasn’t like this at all though I think his name was Heisenberg come to think of it.

For all of you that celebrate the Christmas festivals and the holiday season, I wish you all a wonderful time and hope you can be as happy as I am.

Much Love,

PF xx


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*Not Roger Federer is Pseudo Fed (@PseudoFed) on twitter, a parody of the real Roger Federer. This post is meant to be humorous. All statements were made by the author(s) and do not represent those of Roger Federer or his affiliates.


  1. “At the beginning of the year I made the contemplations whilst sitting with My legs crossed and staff were rubbing My chin to help Me think.” LOL

  2. As always Roger comes back with wit it must be REALLY hard for him going down the rankings and Rafa getting BACK to number one. The only thing I can say is start fighting like Rafa he never gives up you do

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