Thank You Rafael Nadal For An Amazing 2013!

Thank you Rafael Nadal
Thank you Rafa for making us happy!

Rafael Nadal amazed us all with his comeback this year, going from a shaky future to winning 10 tournaments, including 2 Grand Slams and 5 Masters 1000s.

Rafa was the first man to have at least 35 victories on two different surfaces, hard court and clay, in one season. He went from No. 5 to No. 1, finishing the year at No.1. And he did this while missing the first month of the season, including the Australian Open, exiting early at Wimbledon, and withdrawing from Miami, Halle and Basel. What an incredible achievement.

Throughout all this, Rafa has never changed. He remains the family man, shy and humble, always respectful of his opponents. Thank you Rafa, for giving  us so much to be proud of.

What was your favorite Rafa memory from the 2013 season? Tell us why in the comments below!


  1. His win in Cincinnati! I was there every day that week and he seemed so happy. I was at the final and it was great. It was perfect set up for the US Open. US OPen was amazing win as well! Always great to see him beat Djokovic. I wish he cold have beat him at the ATP World Tour Final but you can’t win them all. Get some rest Rafa and come back strong at the Australian Open! Best to you always!

  2. mes 2 meilleurs souvenirs son
    1) la 1/2 finale de Roland Garros lorsqu’il était mené 5-3 dans le 5e set
    2) La finale et la victoire à l’US open lorsqu’il est tombé sur le sol et a pleuré de joie comme un enfant
    Ce n’est pas si grave cette défaite aux Masters finals.En général, Rafa rebondit toujours et je lui souhaite une année 2014 en bonne santé et sans blessures VAMOSSS Champion;bravo et MERCI pour cette année 2013

  3. I will never forget the semifinal in Montreal. It was 4 am at the end of the match and suddenly the world was so beautiful…. Winning that match against Nole and how he played that match was magical…. Thank you, Rafa for this year!!!! Keep running for you and also for us!!!!!!

  4. really hard to pick one moment, i loved indian wells and barcelona with that massive trophy, us open of course was amazing, but to be honest my favourite memory was vina del mar, and those first south american tournaments cause he was back playing tennis and being epic as always

  5. Back2Back2Back! Montreal->Cincinnati->New York!
    Salamat Rafael Nadal!

    I hope the word ‘Salamat’ be added in the image as well for the Rafans from the Philippines 🙂


  6. His US Open triumph tops the list for me! He played many matches on hard court this year and won most of them, US Open is like an icing on the cake and proved that Rafa is very much an all-rounder instead of just the King of Clay! Oh and of course, back at the very top of the pile!

    Stay healthy Rafa, you’ll only get better <3

  7. Ohh so many amazing Rafa moments! First the title here in Mexico in Acapulco.. I think he started to get more confidence after this title… Then Indian Wells when he won even though he havent practice on hard court…. Roland Garros was magical! 9 RG title.. Are you kidding me?… Us Open was even better and the list goes on!!! #VamosRafa Thank you Rafa for making us believe and thought us that no matter how hard it is you gotta keep trying! Never give up! 🙂 We Love You

  8. US Open here in NY. Rafa was on fire! But I loved every game that he played. The way he gives 100% all the time and his sportsmanship is truly inspiring. Take a good rest, Rafa, and thank you for giving us fans so much joy. Wishing you another wonderful season next year.
    And thank you to the wonderful people who run Rafael Nadal Fans! You guys are awesome!

  9. Gracias for a wonderful season! You made each tournament enjoyable & thrilling. You deserved each win & nobly accepted each defeat. But they never defeated your heart, your passion & your desire to be the best at all times. You are a model to each athlete in the world. Espero que 2014 sea mejor para ti. Descanse en Espana con familia y amigos y preparate para un ano Nuevo. Vamos Rafa!

  10. Thanks so much Rafa for all the great matches that you has played and reaching the #1. This loss doen’t mean anything, it was not your best day but I’m sure that better days are coming, yeah!
    I can’t wait for the AO!
    Eres el mejor!!!!!!!

  11. His victory in Brazil and the big emotion of his father. That’s where the Rafa victory campaign started.

  12. So many favorite moments!!! One that was very emotional was US Open.. He cried and i was with him at that moment.. Roland rogers cincinatti twas all incredible..

    M feeling down that he lost today! I want him to win this tournament sooo bad 🙁

    Cant wait for the AO!

  13. My most memorable moment of Rafa in the 2013 season was his reaction after he won the 3rd set in the U.S open final..he saved 3 break points on his previous service game and then broke the djokovic serve in the very next game to win the set even though the momentum at the time was completely with Djokovic…his 5-6 fist pumps and the loud vamos while on his knees after he won that 3rd set was the best moment of the season for me..VAMOS RAFA..!!

  14. This 2013 season has been absolutely incredible !! I would never thought in a million years that Rafa’s come back will resemble this !! And with a great season comes automatically a lot of great memories .. First his first match in vina del mar , seeing him back on court , battling like old times felt so good. Second his victory in Indian wells , despite the knees it proved that he had the mental back & for some reason that title was so emotional. Third the semifinal against djokovic in Roland Garros was so intense , I was crying & screaming & shaking in front of my Tv & I felt such joy when he won that match , a feeling that I can only have when watching Rafa. Fourth his win at the Us Open seeing him crying on that floor after an incredible hard court season & biting that USO trophy like in 2010 I felt like I won that title with him , for a second there I was powerful , I was him ! ( as weird as it may sound haha ) & last but not least his match against wawrinka at the masters when he regained world number 1 !! That smile , that joy , & especially his words afterwards how he felt he deserved that spot , knowing how humble he is I would have nerver thought that he would express such thoughts. To finish this long comment ( I needed this especially after tonight loss ) I can’t be thankful enough for this season ! It has been one of Rafa’s best and I know that he often says how lucky he is to be on the circuit winning titles and battling against the best but I just want to thank him for all those happy moments he offered us this year & has been since 2005 .. I’m so grateful and proud of being a Rafan & I feel so blessed & lucky to be able to share those special moments with Rafa ( mentally ) & all the rafans ( virtually ).

    • Very well said. I had the same feelings the the moments you mentioned. What a year full of excitement Rafa brought for all of us. He deserved to be #1 despite of a very strong Djokovic. We may not like Novak that much, but his brilliance made Rafa to work on his weaknesses and improve them. I had never seen Rafa so good in indoor tournaments like this year. I hope 2014 will be another exciting year for all Tennis fans and Rafa fans.

  15. yappp, you were really a great tennis player and a great man…goooo rafaaaa in 2014…we love you here in the PHILPPINES…

  16. Winning the 9th game of the third set U.S. Open final. Historic moment in tennis history, coming back from 0-40 and not just holding serve, but breaking Djokovic mentally and taking the title by doing so. An example to show to any young tennis player to explain how much tennis is a mental sport.

  17. No se pudo mi Rafa pero igual eres divino disfruta
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