Thank You Rafael Nadal For An Amazing 2013!

Thank you Rafael Nadal
Thank you Rafa for making us happy!

Rafael Nadal amazed us all with his comeback this year, going from a shaky future to winning 10 tournaments, including 2 Grand Slams and 5 Masters 1000s.

Rafa was the first man to have at least 35 victories on two different surfaces, hard court and clay, in one season. He went from No. 5 to No. 1, finishing the year at No.1. And he did this while missing the first month of the season, including the Australian Open, exiting early at Wimbledon, and withdrawing from Miami, Halle and Basel. What an incredible achievement.

Throughout all this, Rafa has never changed. He remains the family man, shy and humble, always respectful of his opponents. Thank you Rafa, for giving  us so much to be proud of.

What was your favorite Rafa memory from the 2013 season? Tell us why in the comments below!


  1. I am so proud to be Rafa’s fan. I follow his matches all the time and watched them from wherever I am. His victory at RG was amazing, but the hard coart season has been even more so. It was great to see him win a second US Open, sorry he didn’t win the Masters, but he has made his fans even more proud this year. His personality has not changed and he continues to be a devoted family young man, so considerate towards his oponents and so respectful of every one. I will be at the Australian Open, it will be my fourth time and i was so sorry when he didn’t play last year. Anyway, it will be nice to see Rafa play the exhibitions games without pressure in the coming weeks before he takes a well-deserved holiday. Vamos Rafa, your fans are incredibly proud of you.

  2. I think I liked Indian Wells because I was lucky enough to be there when he won the title. The only thing more amazing than watching him is watching him in person. Such a champion.

  3. I agree . Concordo com tudo que foi escrito sobre Rafa Nadal. Estou com ele sempre. assisto tênis por ele e por tudo que representa: humildade, alegria, sorriso lindo e modo de ser, é uma alegria assistir Nadal. Vamos Rafa

  4. indoor hardcourt once again hard for rafa!
    plz do well at australian open. best of luck
    french open sf victory over nole was best match

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