Rafael Nadal cuts his finger!

Photo via fanpop
Photo via fanpop

Rafael Nadal has suffered a small cut on the index finger of his left hand as he cut a slice of bread for breakfast this morning. Being right-handed in everyday life, he used that hand to hold the loaf, which is also the main hand he plays tennis with as a lefty. This led to delaying training for an hour at the O2 arena, although it did not affect his work. A slight fright without consequences, it will not prevent his regular performance in his game this Friday against Tomas Berdych, scheduled at 21:00 Spanish time. For complete article, click here.


  1. your th3 best in the world now!! and you deserved it…..im happy for you ….your alwz in 0ur hearts ok have a goodluck…play aggressive and smart ….:)♥

  2. I know how sore that can be as we all have done the same,thing at sometime, however it stings it goes of pretty quick, good luck today, watch his aces, strong hitter do more yourself
    (aces) save your legs, your being watched from above and blessing are with you. xx

  3. tqzm …im also avid fan of rafa since…im came from the phils,,,congratulations for being,on top hope youll keep going no matter what happens lost or win …keep fighting…motivation alwz there….we love you….n support you at all times…Godbless you….

  4. It’s jst a small cut, i’m not worried at all i believe in you Rafa nothing can stop you from winning … Best of luck and blesssings ..

  5. Rafa please don’t scare your fans like that, you scared me. I am so hopeing that you win this Tournament. Vamoooooooos Rafa.

  6. Rafa Nadal #1in the World best player ever!! Wgat an amazing year he is unstoppable congrats Rafa♥♥♥♥…our Matador our Champion Rafa Nadal Vamooos!!!

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