Boris Becker: Rafael Nadal can beat Roger Federer’s record


Rafael Nadal is capable of beating Roger Federer’s record haul of 17 Grand Slams, former German number one Boris Becker told AFP on Thursday.

“If you’d asked me that a few years ago, I’d have said no. But this year he (Nadal) has returned to his top form and now has 13 titles to his credit,” Becker said.

“He’s 27 and doesn’t intend to stop there.

“He’s capable of getting more,” added the London-based star.

“Nadal is a great competitor. After all that happened to him last season (a long lay-off with a left knee injury) to return and have the success he’s had this year in becoming world number one again is almost a miracle.”

Becker was talking about Nadal, who has won 10 titles including the French Open and US Open, at an event linked to the German’s participation in the Doha Goals sports forum in Qatar in December.



  1. Octubre 18 de 2013.

    Buenas tardes Rafa Nadal.

    Excelentes palabras y compañerismo de Mr. Boris Becker. Ello hace más grande a quién ya es Grande en la carrera del Tenis.

    Igualmente, gran compañerismo de Mr. Roger Federer. – Agradable fotografía –

    Pienso que el compañerismo ayudará a nosotros los espectadores, quienes podríamos presenciar un mejor nivel de Tenis.


    Atte. Oscar S. Dávila

  2. Je suis certaine que Raphaël Nadal est capable de battre le record de Federer. Il a un tempérament beaucoup plus fort et son désir et sa force mentale sont extraordinaires;. rien ne peut l’arrêter.

  3. Dear Mr.Becker, from the first time that I saw Rafa beating Federer I knew he could get more GS than him, if he wouldn’t have had the knee issues Federer probably would have two or three GS less and Rafa 2 or 3 more.
    Hope Rafa can be healthy for three more years and then he can show to the world that he is the greatest player of the tennis history!!!!!!!

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