Rafa Roundup: October 12, 2013

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images AsiaPac
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images AsiaPac


… “He played amazing. I just congratulate him,” Nadal said in defeat. “Very few times I play against a player with a level like today…I really go home with the feeling that I didn’t play bad. That’s the thing. It is fair to say that. I am humble enough to say that I played well and I lost 6-2, 6-4.”

… “I played so solid all the time, hitting the ball so hard,” said Del Potro, who believes he can play even better in the final, having served only five aces against Nadal. “I saw Rafa playing very far off the baseline, which is good for my game, for my serve, and confidence. That’s the way to beat this guy.”

… “Salir a la pista pensando que lo eres y que por ese motivo vas a ganar sin luchar es lo peor. Lo primero que hay que tener, desde mi punto de vista, es humildad.”

… Es difícil elegir entre tantos ejemplos dentro de la larga lista de deportistas españoles que están triunfando en estos días. Pero nadie se podrá extrañar, porque su conducta deportiva y personal es coherente con el contenido de este libro, de que tenga a Rafa Nadal como su mejor exponente.


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  1. Simplemente fue un dia en que Rafa jugo bastante bien pero del Potro jugo impresionante, no dejando a Rafa desplegar su juego. Bieen Rafa!!! Sigues sumando puntos por el no 1!!!!

  2. Nada tan bueno como reconocer que lo haz hecho tan bien como el adversario, no pasa nada. Tienes la entera satisfacción de haber y deber cumplido. La suerte y gran deportividad del presente año te acompañen por siempre. En todas y cada Isla Balear o Canaria te queremos un mogollón y siempre ahí Rafa apostado muy fuerte por ti. Abrazos. C. Javier

  3. It hurts a loss like today but we all love him so much and we love his smile, his joy after a victory. All I want it’s to see Rafa in another match and winning… When he wins, my day it’s better, the sun shine more and I now that tomorrow I will see him again. Love forever!!! Vamos!!!!

  4. c’est pas grave Rafa même si vous devez être très déçu le match était magnifique … évidement nous nos fans avons souffert pour vous car franchement Del Potro a été a son meilleur comme jamais … mais bon vous vous rattraperez prochain tournois hauts les cœurs Rafa Vamos

  5. I don’t believe that. he was nervous , and if he was I don’t think that Rafa would be nervous for an entire Match, that is not something that Rafa does is stay nervous, he did not play bad just did , not play up to his full capability. Delpo. played outstanding, nice playing Delpo. and congrads, if you play that well Tomorrow you will lift the Trophy. good luck to both Nole, and Delpo.

  6. I love Rafa and wanted him to win but congratulations to Delpo, he played as though he came from another planet. I hope he does the same tomorrow and thrashes Djokovic. He came pretty close at Wimbledon so maybe this time. Vamos Rafa, always my No. 1. xx

  7. Delpo was great, Rafa too much errors than usually. He was probably nervous. Please, after the tomorrow’s finals tell us what are possible scenarios which provide Rafa to stay No 1 at the end of season.
    It’s important- does Djoker play Basel or Valencia? If, not situation is much more clear. Especially if Delpo wins tomorrow.

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