Juan Martin del Potro finishes Rafael Nadal’s performance in China

Rafael Nadal fought hard to come back against a formidable and in-form Juan Martin del Potro, but in the end, the Argentinian prevailed to reach the finals at Shanghai.

The first set was one sided, with no breaks for Rafa. Del Potro played a solid set and took it at 6-2. Despite a stronger performance in the second set, Rafa could not consolidate and Del Potro took the set and the match at 6-4.

Rafa’s next tournament is Basel. Vamos Rafa, you are a true champion, and win or lose, you are World No. 1!

Photos: Reuters, AP Photo, Getty Images


  1. Rafa, My suggestion for you is to improve your back hand down the line. Thats the only weapon you are lacking. if you could use it more often when needed you will be invincible.. You are still the best. so take a good rest and come back stronger. we believe you will..Love and Respect all the way from Kathmandu, Nepal

  2. man who concoured evrytitle and recorded the histories best comeback ever so after a hard road he should get some rest for world ATP final!!!!!!!!!!!!! beleive in RAFA

  3. its okay to lose Rafa, you are still the best overall that is why you are # 1, hey Rafa, I have a great Idea for a most perfect Bag for you and all the other players I know for sure that you would all love it is yes most as Superior over any other bag that you guys carry out to court side. by the way this is what the bag that I want to design will be called The Ultimate court side Carrier. some one needs to sponsor me in getting this bag developed.

  4. Vamos Rafa! You are amazing but alas only human and even you can’t win all of the time though of course I wish you could. Take a break and come back next week, love always from England, you are always No. 1.

  5. Rafa -I don’t believe it but you will always be no1 in my book. Get some well earned rest and win the next tournament!

  6. I was heartbroken at your loss, but it’s okay to lose to DelPo, who I think is a great player and much deserved win for him. I still think you are no. 1 RAFA, and you will get a grip in Basel, and then on to London, take care, RAFA, we still love you!!!!

  7. Rafa, even that Delpo is playing well this tournament you could have won doing less errors but you still have Basel, Paris, London and #1 and I’m sure you will do much better
    YOU ARE THE BES!!!!!!

  8. Good effort Rafa! Delpo is just unstoppable today, no? You are still our Champion. Keep on improving. Get some well deserved rest now.

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