Rafa Roundup: June 15, 2013



Given Nadal’s current form, which has seen him make the final of all nine tournaments he’s played this year and winning seven of them, the All England Club must be crossing their fingers Nadal isn’t in the same quarter as one of the other Big Four members come Friday’s draw release.

It may pain fans of Roger Federer’s elegant, classic game, but the enduring image of this particular time in tennis probably will be that of Rafael Nadal, having backpedalled all the way into his backhand corner, striking a vicious inside-out forehand that rockets past his opponent—no matter how far back or out of position Rafa is.

“It’s not the first (and) it’s not the last loss in my career against this particular player (Nadal). I wanted this title (the French Open) so much, so I am disappointed. That’s it. That’s the way I feel.”


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