Five Predictions For Rafael Nadal’s 2013 Season Revisited

On November 21, 2012, an article titled ‘5 Predictions for Rafael Nadal’s 2013 Season‘ was published by the Los Angeles Times/Bleacher Report. The article, written by contributor Jaime Heilbron, did not bode well with readers, as was apparent with the comments that followed. Here are condensed versions of the predictions. For the full article, please visit the website above. 

1. Nadal Will Have a Strong Showing at the Australian Open: 1370772326_682752_1370793218_album_normal.jpgGiven his talent and competition level, as well as the level of the tour beyond the big four, one should expect Nadal to make it to at least the semifinals of the Australian Open.

2. Nadal Will Dominate the Clay Masters: It is no secret that the red clay is where Nadal feels the most comfortable and that it usually serves as a springboard for the rest of the year. Nadal owns Monte Carlo, having won it each of the past eight years. Even if his beginning to the 2013 season is not as strong as it usually is, one should count on the clay master tournaments to give him the necessary momentum to have a successful campaign.

3. Nadal Will Win His 8th Roland Garros Title: It is unlikely that his campaign at Roland Garros will be as dominant as it was in 2008, 2010 and 2012, given that he only lost a single set in the three tournaments combined, but he will still prevail to raise his 8th trophy in 9 years.

If there is anything Rafael Nadal has taught the tennis world since he broke through, it’s that the last thing one should ever do is underestimate him.

4. Nadal Will Make a Deep Run at Wimbledon: A deep run would not necessarily constitute winning the tournament, but I do expect Nadal to make the final. If he does not, he will at least battle as hard as possible to make it happen. Going into the season the top two favorites to hoist the trophy at Wimbledon will most likely be defending and seven-time champion Roger Federer and current World No. 1 Novak Djokovic.

One of them will probably have to face Nadal in the semifinals, however, and he will be the toughest possible opponent at that stage. If one thing is certain, it is that Nadal will enter the third slam of the year with blood in his eyes and a thirst to prove something, not to tennis fans or the media, but to himself.

5. Nadal Will Win a Hard Court Tournament: It is possible…that if Nadal manages his schedule well, he could win one of the hard-court tournaments in the later part of the season. At the same time, it would not be surprising at all if he went on and raised the trophies at any of the hard court Masters 1000 at the beginning of the year or at either the Australian Open or the U.S. Open.

Amazing, isn’t it? What an insight. Perhaps it would have seemed absurd to think, at that time, that Rafa could accomplish all this and more as soon as he returned, but he has, and he will. We want your honest opinion. Did you think that Rafa would make such a comeback? Did you think that he would win so many tournaments? Which win was the most surprising? Comment below!


  1. Watching Nadal playing is atreat in itself and winning them is icing on the cake, wish he wins the Wimbledon.. Proving he is not only the king of clay but other surfaces as well

  2. I had a different feeling!! I saw him winning big!!! I’m glad I did!!! My only worry was the knee could hold and lack of matches like he likes to have. Vamos Rafa!!!!

  3. Sem dúvida nenhuma a vitória mais surpreendente foi a de Roland Garros , ali Rafa mostrou que ele acredita nele e sem dúvida sua garra mostrou ao mundo que ele nasceu para construir e conquistar sua vitória, espero continuar vendo essa energia dele em todas as partidas pois assim dessa forma quem ganha somos nós os fãs , admiro cada vez mais Rafael Nadal ele tem uma história muito bonita a se seguir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I was HOPING he would come back and win a few tournaments but THIS?!?! I’m SOOO happy I cant describe it!!! He is the most deternined & fantastic player ever!!! VAM333S RAF333 to Wimbledon!!!

  5. Tennis was a sorry sight without Rafa! It was like 5 July without the fireworks! So glad his comeback has been so successful and wish Rafa many more trophy biting ceremonies!

  6. One thing we can always count on Rafa is that he will always give 100%, if not more! And the ‘break’ has made him hungry for the game. So yes, never underestimate him. He will soar sky high!

  7. Never under estimate Rafa, he is the best ! Bring it on, No 1 again please Rafa!!!

  8. I can honestly say I didn’t expect that. I thought he would win a few things but I didn’t expect him to win as much as he did. I am ashamed to say that i underestimated him (something I must stop doing) I am so happy for Rafa and so proud to be a fan of his too!

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