Rafa Roundup: May 30, 2013

Photo: Tennis View Magazine
Photo: Tennis View Magazine


“I believe Rafa improved in both. His strengths are even better now and his weaknesses are better, although they’re still not as good as his strengths. Of course also he’s fitter. He’s no longer a young boy. He’s a man now. He has experience on top of that. So he really improved. It’s spectacular and the results are there to show, to prove it.”

Nadal beat out his arch rival Roger Federer to be crowned the tennis player most women would want to have a “romantic adventure” with. Rafa — whose on court shirt changes are almost as widely admired as backhand — scooped 35 percent of the vote in a survey conducted by Spanish online dating firm Victoria Milan.


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Rafael Nadal's Facebook
Rafael Nadal’s Facebook



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  1. Rafa muchas felicidades por tus triunfos y buena suerte para los próximos porque vendran muchisimos mas tu estas en la mitad de tu carrera osea que eres un fenómeno,congratulaciones,

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