Spanish newspaper ABC names Rafael Nadal the best athlete in Spain’s history

Spanish newspaper ABC has chosen Rafael Nadal as the greatest athlete in the country’s history, followed by cyclist Miguel Indurain in second place and basketball player Pau Gasol in third. The newspaper asked 100 people of prominence in sports to vote on which athletes deserve the honor the most.


The best athlete in Spain’s history

In its latest edition, dated June 16, 2013, the newspaper describes how and why the recipients were chosen. Congratulations, Rafa!

If you have a copy of the newspaper, please send us a scan to Thanks!

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  1. Felicidades Rafa!!!! Muy merecido!!! Vamos Rafa!!!!



    Totalmente de acordo Rafa é o melhor esportista da atualidade!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. oh yes, my Hero Rafa!


  4. Rafa is the best you’re number one


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