Rafa Roundup: Bon Jovi Adorns Nadal’s Signature Shirt

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  • Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and the hunt for a graceful and glorious exit | The Athletic

Nadal said this year that he wants to play all of his favorite tournaments in 2024, one lasttime, to show his gratitude for all the sport has given him. Recent history suggests that couldbe a struggle.

His chronic foot injury caused him to miss the second half of 2021. Injuries to his foot, ribsand abdominal muscles limited his play in the second half of last year. The injury in Australialed Nadal to have arthroscopic surgery on his hip flexor and labrum in June, a procedure hisdoctors at the time predicted would take five months to recover from.

Nadal and Murray have won so much for so long. Their main opponent now though — theageing process — remains undefeated.

  • Rafael Nadal sends message of support to Carlos Alcaraz ahead of ATP Finals debut | sportskeeda.com

In a video posted on Instagram on Wednesday, November 8, Alcaraz expressed his admiration and gratitude for the 22-time Grand Slam champion. He also revealed his ambition to be one of the best tennis players in history, and to follow in the footsteps of his idol.

“I want to be one of the best tennis players in history. To be on the same table as the legend, Rafa. Rafa was my hero when I was young when I started playing tennis. Towards his matches, finals, lifting the best trophies in the world, I felt, for me, Rafa was my hero growing up,” Alcaraz said.

Nadal, currently ranked No. 244 after a long injury layoff, commented on the post, wishing him good luck for the year-end finals, where Alcaraz will be the second seed and the favorite to win his seventh title of the season.

“Big hug and good luck in Turin 💪🏻🙌,” the Spaniard wrote.

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Rocker meets tennis: Jon Jon Bovi Jovi spotted in Rafa’s t-shirt 🤩


  1. Let’s hear something on this site about the big news from Rafa- he is feeling better and will be back on tour. He is not saying yet exactly when that will be

    This is the best news yet so let’s hear more about it.

  2. dear (grandson) that is what I have called you, I am 92 years old. I hardly ever missed watching one of your match – however, now you could count the ones I watch on one hand. No one will ever take your place for me. Hoping to be able to watch you in the new year. wishing you and your little family nothing but the best.

  3. Whoever is lucky enough to see Rafa in the final games should consider themselves the luckiest Rafans ever. I won’t be one of them, unfortunately. Tennis isn’t a cheap sport to watch live.

    Would be nice if my parents were going somewhere far flung and asked me to come but that won’t happen. They only follow Murray. First round meeting would be tasty. I’d try and stifle my screams of “Vamos Rafa” While sitting next to the two biggest Murray fans ever. They’d disinherit me 😛

  4. Dear Rafa. I will support you to up to the very last shot you play. All that is killing is that I will never be able to be see any of the matches in person in your final year. Heartbreak will really hit then. Tennis is never going to be “Tennis” again without you participating. Have missed you so much as have the other fans this year. Continue to heal and feel good again. Vamos my Hero. 🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦☘☘☘❤❤❤

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