Rafael Nadal Presents NDL Business Project With Wife Maria Francisca Perello by His Side

Rafael Nadal has provided an update on his eagerly awaited return to the tennis court. He chose the prestigious Museo del Traje in Madrid as the backdrop for a significant announcement, the launch of a new line of food supplements designed to cater to both women and men aged 35 and above who engage in sports activities.

Rafa’s collaboration on this project extends to Cantabria Labs, with the company’s president, Juan Matji, serving as a co-founder of this new line of supplements.

During the event, Rafa offered insights into his ongoing efforts:

“I’m training more now than a month ago but I’m taking it one day at a time. Let’s see if I have the chance to increase the intensity to come back little by little.

“My first idea would be to return in Australia but I can’t tell you. I’m able to train a little more, which for me is a step forward. I’m in less pain but I still have some discomfort. If I had less pain, I could give you a date.

“I’m on the right path but I’m in unknown territory because it’s an injury I haven’t had before. Even so, I’m still looking forward to it. I wish I could know when I’m coming back but that’s not the case. I tried to come back for the clay season but it wasn’t to be. The pressure has always been from me personally because I have always been a demanding person with myself.”


    • Do you mean about the surnames? Every Latin American country does it except Argentina. It’s more of an official thing, like drivers licenses, hospital records etc. it is a thing though. I never googled this. I searched Reddit, which is the only social network that I trust.

  1. Here’s a wee thing that you may not know. Which just jumped in to my head. Looking at Maria’s full name. Maria Francisco Perello.

    The double second name is everywhere in Spanish speaking countries like Carlos Alcaraz Garfia. There are a few exceptions in South America though and even if a South American player has a double second name, they tend to drop it where their tennis name is concerned.

    “the father’s paternal family name and then the mother’s paternal family name”

    So Rafa’s full name is Rafael Nadal Parera

    There you go, factoid of the day.

  2. YES
    Love this man’s attitude and smarts!
    Take all the time you need, baby and mama are happy to have you home..
    your fans eagerly await your return to court!

    • Rest your body, heal completely, enjoy you wife and child, we’re here waiting patiently to cheer you on whenever you can return ❣️ much Love for You and Your game💗 Tammy Moore USA Texas loves You 😍

  3. Whilst speculations swirl around about Rafa’s return at the AO, he remains cautious, waiting patiently on his body to give him the green light. Meanwhile, it’s good to see that he’s keeping busy with his various ventures.
    Anxiously waiting in hope for your comeback Rafa. Counting down the days……

  4. Always a champion Rafa, when you can comeback we will be here. If not I know you will always be part of the tennis world!!! AFTER ALL YOU ARE THE GOAT FIREVER. THANKS FOR CHANGING THE GAME AND MAKING IT SO EXCITING. YOUR #1 FAN FROM YOUR FIRST ATP MATCH🌹♥️💯

  5. Vamos Rafa! Can’t wait to see you back in action, hopefully your healing process is going great🙏🏻
    Looking forward to a great 2024 comeback, be it in Australia, clay season or whenever you’re fully fit!💪🏻

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