Rafael Nadal Shows Off Brand New Car

Rafael Nadal has just acquired a brand new car, and it’s no ordinary vehicle – it’s a top-tier automobile. His latest addition to the garage is the Kia EV9, the newest model from Kia that has recently hit the showrooms. This is a large SUV with a rather hefty price tag, especially when compared to Kia’s typical offerings, starting at €85,100.

The official handover ceremony took place this morning, with key executives from the company in attendance. Among those present were Emilio Herrera, the President and CEO of Kia Iberia, and Eduardo Dívar, the company’s director in Spain. Also gracing the event was Rafa’s coach Carlos Moya.

Upon receiving the keys to his new car, Rafa expressed his excitement, saying, “I’m super thrilled; it’s essential for me to continue with an electric car.” He went on to share his enthusiasm for the Kia EV series, stating, “I started with the EV6, which I thoroughly enjoyed; then the Kia EV6 GT, and now the EV9, which I absolutely love.”

Rafael Nadal’s choice of the Kia EV9, an electric SUV, reflects the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and the tennis legend’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.


  1. I’m bored. Let’s make some predictions…

    Rafa will be a daddy for the second time within 12 months.

    Because he’s also bored.

    Hope all my fellow Rafans are doing well and staying safe!

    • Rafa will shave his head, for charity. Rafa is thinning quite a bit on top. Double bonus; people will get used to him having no head hair before he actually has no head hair, well, the horseshoe at the back that every bald man has. Secondly, for charity. He could conceivably raise millions. I’d pay to see it being done.

      Spread the word, hashtag ShaveRafa

    • Rafa, really hope u will be playing in the Aus Open 2024..
      Since Covid Lockdown in Malaysia in 2020, i havent been to Melbourne n 2024 will be my first trip! And hopefully will also be my very first to see you playing in Melbourne!

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