Could Rafael Nadal be the future president of Real Madrid?

Photo by Burak Akbulut/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

It’s truly disheartening when Rafael Nadal is sidelined due to injury, prompting countless devoted fans to anxiously scour for any tidbits of news regarding his imminent return. Similarly, the media’s insatiable appetite for Rafa’s presence often leads them to generate stories in the absence of concrete updates from Rafa or his team.

The most recent topic surrounding the 22-time Grand Slam champion is the intriguing possibility of him assuming the role of president at the famous European football club, Real Madrid. Florentino Perez is set to be Real Madrid president at the Santiago Bernabeu until 2025.

Even within the confines of the Tennis Channel studio, the subject has captured the attention of esteemed retired players like Andy Roddick and Andrea Petkovic. Their collective sentiment seems to be a resounding “Why not?” as they wholeheartedly support the idea of Rafa venturing into this new realm.

It’s not surprising that neither Rafa nor his team have chosen to address these speculations, given the nature of the situation.

Watch the video and share your own perspective on the potential future scenario where Rafa ascends to the position of Real Madrid’s president.


  1. On a more positive note, we are rapidly approaching two months since the surgery which is the point Rafa’s doctors said he could start hitting tennis balls. Let us hear need about that!

  2. Forget Real Madrid. Rafa for Prime Minister of Spain!! Haha. He can’t be President as they have a constitutional monarchy.



  3. Rafa has the profile potential and competence he is a prestigious business man.. He can easy be a BOSS and RM would be in good hands.. without doubt

  4. I’m disgusted, how about leaving one thing at a time, let’s see what happens with Rafa, his health and the tennis.
    When all of that has been established then speculate. Frighen media and others don’t know when to stop!

  5. Stick to the tennis Rafa, you are tennis legend after all. Tennis needs you more than some football club owned by billioners who might not appreciate your ideas because all they care about is money.

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