Rafael Nadal Drops out of Top 10 for First Time Since April 2002

The post Roland Garros rankings are up.

Rafael Nadal, who could not play in Paris due to an injury, lost 2000 points and as a result, dropped out of the Top 100 in the ATP Ranking.

The last time Rafa was outside the top 100 was in April 2002 and he now sits on a mere 445 points and will drop further as he is only expected to return to action in 2023 following hip surgery.

Four players were gunning to be No 1 after Roland Garros, but three of them fell by the wayside and Novak Djokovic was the last man standing as he won the title in Paris for the third time to move to a record 23 Grand Slams – one ahead of our champ.

The only change in the lower half of the top 10 sees Karen Khachanov return to No 10 on the back of his run to the quarter-final at Roland Garros.

ATP Rankings Top 10:

1. Novak Djokovic (Serbia) – 7,595 points
2. Carlos Alcaraz (Spain) – 7,175
3. Daniil Medvedev (Russia) – 6,100
4. Casper Ruud (Norway) – 4,960
5. Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece) – 4,920
6. Holger Rune (Denmark) – 4,375
7. Andrey Rublev (Russia) – 4,000
8. Taylor Fritz (United States) – 3,515
9. Jannik Sinner (Italy) – 3,300
10. Karen Khachanov (Russia) – 3,125

136. Rafael Nadal (Spain) – 446 points


  1. Rafa is always #1 in my heart 🤩😍 Recover well, hope to see you next year. Vamos Rafa💪❤️

  2. Sad indeed.but we were blessed to see the greatest player on 1 surface in the game of tennis.His tenacity and character will always be remembered in tennis. Vamos

  3. Why be sad. Rafa has reached the heights of men’s tennis. His Journey has been astonishing to me and well worth watching every step and point of the way. Did I miss Rafa at the French Open; well of course I did. I didn’t even watch many of the matches as I normally would have since Rafa couldn’t participate, I watched some of the men’s finals’ match but only when it was replayed. No one brings the heat and excitement as Rafa does! Rafa will have his amazing tennis legacy after he bids farewell next year but yet another great legacy is already awaiting him which he has already forged. Rafa is tennis. To me, there is no greater superstar, fighter and competitor in men’s tennis. I am so looking forward to his 2023 return!

  4. How dreadful of that crowd ATP to make such a bloody issue about Rafa falling outside Top 10 since 2002 what a brilliant record from Rafa..instead ATP making a spectacle over it. Well ATP long may the whizz kids of today all stay in top…10….wonder how many will last 21yrs. Stop being critical of the Best player that’s ever been, winning 14 GS at 1 venue only 4 at another and 2 at each of the other 2 GS. Not even mentioning all the masters…and all this happened amidst injures.. STOP the back stabbing of Rafa. HE is the gentleman of tennis..as is Roger. You cannot teach those whizz kid players from the no.1 to whatever etiquette. Eat your hearts out ..jealous of Rafa

  5. Be realistic nadal will not recover from this. Hé has lost the fight with djokovic. Alcaraz is now his rival

  6. Somehow this tournament just did not feel the same! Maybe because of Rafa I am not sure?
    Hope to see him play just a while longer!!!!!

  7. Very well said Marileena, agree with you all the way. Heal well dear Rafa as we all eagerly await your return next year x

  8. If Rafa can overcome surgery and five months of rehab, do not be sad over a stat. Regardless of age or experience, athletes are plagued by injuries. We continue to
    send Rafa our best positive energy. He deserves to be the architect of this phase
    of his career-no one can diminish the respect he has earned👏💪👍🎾🍀❤️

  9. It’s been a rough road with all that lead up to the FO … all our hopes and dreams that Rafa would play RG went up in smoke.. For me, following tennis without Rafa is difficult… Hearing about the rankings and how he will drop even further is a reality of the situation… I understand it and accept it and I don’t give it much thought.. We all know down the road what the inevitable will be..
    That aside, I know Rafa wants to play again and I for one am holding out for that day to come. And if the expression “where there is a will…there is a way” holds true…. we will all see Rafa come out on court again, to a standing ovation that will last for many minutes as he waves, goes to his chair, unzips his tennis bag, sits down, removes 2 bottles from his bag, and places them so strategically on the ground… As we watch that ritual, we will know Rafa is back. And that’s what I look forward to…
    So…send him all the positive energy you can for his healing and eventual rehab… Stay positive within, that whatever we get to see in 2024… is “gravy” and I’ll take it for as long or short that it lasts and I will not ask for more…

    Sending you good vibes Rafa… Stay positive… Rest, Recover, Rehab….

    We are all here for you!

  10. This has to happen its a pitty. Rafa was never about chasing records. Hopefully alcaraz stays healthy and injury free so hé can chase djokovic records. Nadal fans wanted it more then nadal himself hé only cared about winning french open. Hé lost the race.

  11. Rafa must be sad too but he is strong enough to accept all of it and will move on in the best way possible. Because he is Rafael Nadal.

    I do hope he makes a full recovery and returns to tennis.

  12. Saw this coming form a mile away…………..
    This is so not right……..FO belongs to Rafa…..Djoko should have taken his 23 at Wimby or maybe next AO………feels sooooo not right………….
    Rafa, plz come back and correct this anomaly asap, reach 23.24, 25,26, 27 and more if they deserve you……..but so much more is due to you
    ………….feels so unfair. FO weekend belongs to Rafa and us Rafa fans……..where did it go wrong……

  13. My fellow Rafans, this is not sad. It had to happen at some point. Such is life.

    Rafa has done it all and has nothing to prove anymore. Rafa has always said he is not about chasing the numbers.

    All I care about now is for Rafa to be healthy and happy no matter what he is doing.

    Stay safe champ. We’re here for you always!

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