Rafael Nadal shares positive update after undergoing surgery

Photo by Cristian Trujillo/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal gave an update on his health after undergoing surgery.

“Hello everyone. As you know last night I had surgery. Everything went well and the arthroscopy was on the left psoas tendon that has kept me out of competition since January.

An old injury to the labrum of my left hip was also regularized, which will surely help the better evolution of the tendon. I want to thank doctors Marc Philippon, Jaume Vilaró and Angel Ruiz-Cotorro for their work.

I will start progressive functional rehabilitation immediately and the normal recovery process they tell me is 5 months, if all goes well.

“Once again thank you for all the support you have shown me and that you show me every day. Today also on my birthday. Not in the desired or dreamed place, although THANK YOU anyway,” Rafa said in a series of tweets.


  1. You are so blessed, you have a beautiful family, multi-successful businesses, professional success, and a wonderful spirit and attitude. You are the man!! I am forever a fan,

  2. Injuries are now the biggest thing about Nadal’s legacy. It has lost him the race.

    • Rafas definitive injury saga began in 2009 after winning 4 FOs, 1 Wimby and 1 AO.
      He put his body through that much to reach there.
      Alcaraz has made just 1 slam, if this is the start, i fear he wont even go half the distance.

  3. Really wish Rafa was here.

    Anyone watching the semis? Feel sick but not watching – just getting news from some others.

    • Following the scores… What an anticlimax.

      Roof Guy is simply taking advantage of the golden opportunity he sees in front of him, kind of like what our champ did at the AO 2022.

      • The form Rafa was in at AO22, he wouldve given Djoko a run for his money even if he were present.
        His last 3 matches were quite tough (Shapo, Mateo and Daanil), none could be called a gift.

        FO 23 may be a gift for Djoko, Rafas dominance of Paris is way more more than Djokos at AO.
        Of Rafas 3 losses at FO, 2 (2009 and 21) were (undeclared) injuries and 2015 was a slump. He is invincible in full form.
        On the contrary Djoko lost in full form to Tsonga and Stan at the AO (2017 and 18 can be considered a slump)

        This doesnt feel like FO anymore……doesnt even feel like tennis anymore…..just some line on the news…….

  4. Rafa…you have given all your loyal fans a gift every time you walked on the court. Happy birthday and please be well soon. Speedy recovery!!

    • Boa tarde 🐂 miuro Deus esteja com Tigo na sua recuperação, logo logo vc está em quadra em nome de Jesus Cristo 🙏😘 se cuida viu estamos lhe esperando pra vc dá o de melhor q vc sabe rebater aquelas bola e fazer aqueles netos com o braço..

  5. Get healthy and stay healthy Rafa. You are such an inspiration! Whenever I feel like the odds are against me, I picture the AO 2022 Final where the ‘Win Predictor’ had you at 4% chance after the second set.

    For anyone interested in that beautiful image, search ‘Australian Open 2022 win predictor’

    Gives me goosebumps every time. Rafa has done it all.

    • Exactly..when I think of Australian open 2022′ ,I get goosebumps..I cry even today thinking about that match…happy tears though..it was like a dream, 2 set nd a break down how did Rafa came back winning ..whenever I feel low I watch that match n it’s such morale booster

  6. Fellow fans, lets be positive. We are taking about Rafa a legend, who makes miracles appear ordinary. 2024 MAY BE his last, not certainly. If he gets back to top gear (which he will) and avoids injury he could go on a little further, maybe 1 /2 years more.
    Realist, we all know he wont paly through his 40s, but 1-2 year is possible.
    CMON RAFA, get well soon and steam the court.
    Hope you return by the USO and win the USO, Shanghai Paris and the WTF.
    Ok, wishful thinking, but if not at least next year start like last, but end it winning the WTF for the prefect icing to the cake and then well see if another one is on the cards.

    Get back soon Rafa, tennis misses u, we all do…

    • Kevin, I share your love for Rafa, but we fans need to be realistic. Rafa’s doctors said it will take five months to recover from this most recent surgery. It sounds ike they cleaned up an old injury too. The last thing we want is for Rafa to return too soon. I think we should all hope for a successful season next year. Roger wanted a last Wimbledon but never got it. We are lucky just to be Rafa fans. There is no one like him.

      • I agree…we are so lucky to be Rafa fans, and have watched him compete year after year. There is no one like him. The French Open is not the same without him.Gdy well soon Rafa. We all miss you so much!

  7. Happy Birthday Rafa and so very pleased your surgery went well. I hope that you have a good recovery and are able to spend some special times with your beautiful little son, your lovely wife and your wonderful family. Heal well Rafa we miss you 💕

  8. We appreciate the update. You are in our thoughts. Good luck with the recovery and
    rehab-hope you can enjoy some time on your beautiful yacht💪👏❤️

  9. Happy birthday to you and enjoy your day with many blessings and speedy recovery. 🙏 🇪🇸🎾🎂🇺🇸♥️🎁

  10. Glad all went well Rafa, hope you can enjoy your birthday 🥳 , missing you at RG, get fit soon, Joanie, top fan, 💖💖💖💖💖

    • I dont think he will be able to play 100% even after the recovery. That’s why he announced that 2024 will be his last year on the tour. Very sad though.

      • Goodness – I switched off the final early in the 3rd Set. Couldn’t bear to see Novak win – the man who has outwardly said it’s the final numbers that matter most to him. Mr Shallow. Roland Garros was not at all the same without Rafa. He was greatly missed. I watched a lot of women’s tennis though. Get well soon Rafa Relax for a few months. We never know what might happen and tennis needs you for a tiny bit longer. Vamos

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