PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Loses at Australian Open After Injury

A clearly hurting Rafael Nadal lost his second-round match at the Australian Open to Mackenzie McDonald 6-4, 6-4, 7-5, abruptly ending his title defence and bid for a record-extending 23rd Grand Slam trophy.

It was not immediately clear what was bothering Rafa, but he pulled up awkwardly at the end of a point late in the second set against the 65th-ranked McDonald.

Rafa was visited by a trainer on the sideline, then left the court for a medical timeout. Up in the stands, his wife wiped away tears. Rafa returned to play, but was physically compromised and not his usual indefatigable self.

Source: AP


  1. Hope Rafa is all right and a speedy recovery ! May God bless him and his family members. The Rafans around the world are heartbroken seeing his pain and we keep our fingers crossed for his good health ‼️

  2. So sorry rafa that your game was lost through injury hope you make a speedy and good recovery vamos to you and family and also team 👍

  3. God’s loving comforts be with you, family, team and fans – fill your hearts with peace that surpass all understanding. Yes, we are all affected by sadness after your injury and lost but we will all recover soon. We believe and hope the BEST is yet to come. Have a blessed life, success, victory, fruitfulness and prosperity in business, family life and all that are in your hands Year 2023! SHALOM!

  4. Rafa always with you. You will always remain my CHAMP. Get well soon. Will keep you n your family in my prayers. Love you always Rafa.

  5. Sad to see you loosing. But please please take care of your injuries. Get well soon and there are more opportunities in the future. You can win again someday. Take a holiday with your loving family👪

  6. Rafa, hope nothing serious, get well soon and enjoy yr next tournament.
    best bless to u n yr family 💖

  7. Never mind, folks!

    Let’s dust ourselves and look forward to what’s next – Roland Garros.

    Four months to recuperate…..

    I am and shall always be in your corner, Rafa – whatever happens.

  8. Coming in to Australian Open, the key was to regain confidence by getting victories. And now an injury makes things worse. Rafa mentioned in the press conference he would be lying if he said he didn’t feel ‘mentally destroyed’ by yet another injury.
    Hope the injury is nothing serious and Rafa regains his confidence by the time clay season comes round. Do you guys believe he will back at his Grand Slam winning level soon?
    Vamos Rafa. Get well soon.

  9. The next injury🥲 but Rafa was not really competitive before the injury either. Hard to see Rafa like that.

    Take care and get well soon❤️

  10. Rafa will come back strong from this. 2023 AO just wasn’t meant to be. Life goes on:)

    Get well soon champ!

  11. Rafa, you are such a champion. So noble to play out the game for your opponent even when you were clearly in pain. You are the best Rafa, such a great sportsman in the real sense of the word. I hope you recover okay and that enjoy some time with your new family while recovering.

  12. Rafa-we hope this injury is not serious. You fought on despite being hampered by it.
    Best wishes for a complete recovery❤️

    • Rafa cuidate eres y seras el mejor , nos ha echo muy felices ahora es tiempo de disfrutar con tu familia y cuidarte estamos muy orgullosos de Ti .SIEMPRE CON NOSOTROS EL MEJOR TENISTA DEL MUNDO YUN GRAN HOMBRE CON ESPIRITU LUCHADOR. TE QUEREMOS ESRAMOS CONTIGO SIEMPRE.

    • A real champ to finish the match.
      I cannot recall you ever giving up even when injured hope the spectators appreciated this?
      Just take time off and recover you can do it !!! I am sure you will be back.

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