Australian Open R1: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Jack Draper?

Rafael Nadal’s title defense Down Under will start off against talented Brit Jack Draper on Monday. This will be the first meeting on the tour between the two players.

Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

Rafa is scheduled to play the third match of the day session at the Rod Laver Arena, with the match not starting before 2:30 pm local time.

Date: January 16, 2023

Match time: Not before 2:30 PM AEDT local time / 10:30 PM EST – New York, Montreal (Sunday) / 3:30 AM GMT – United Kingdom / 4:30 AM CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy.  To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa is just 1-6 in singles matches since the U.S. Open, and he fights a potentially challenging battle.

Jack reached the semifinals in two tournaments over the last three months, and he is a top-40 player in the world with a win over Felix Auger-Aliassime at the 2022 U.S. Open. 

Jack on playing Rafa:

“I think Rafa is the No. 1 seed for a reason. He’s obviously an incredible player. He’s one of the greats. I’ve just got to try and block all that out and just try and go and compete my hardest in order to do my best to win the match.”

Our champ is gunning for his third title in Melbourne following his triumphs in 2009 and 2022.



  1. It will be late night in the USA, and my family and I will be glued to the TV and the spectacular tennis of Rafa!

    Rafa, you will get the win! Good luck!

    • 3.30 on Monday morning for us in the UK Jackie. I won’t be able to watch the match live but playing in the afternoon will be ideal for Rafa. The AO and USO often schedule his matches in the evening because that is prime time for the broadcasters but afternoons are better for Rafa, provided it isn’t raining of course. Rafa has had a tough time since he sustained that abdomen injury, as any player would. Let’s hope he gets a good start, which will do wonders for his confidence.

      It must be obvious to all Rafafans that a minority of those who post on this site are not fans of Rafa at all! Young Voter and Third Eye to name but two. I can’t imagine how sad their lives must be if their only aim when posting is to wind other people up. This site is for fans of Rafa, not fans of Djokovic or any other player!

  2. Why do folks not give Rafa a good chance of winning the AO title this year?

    For me and my family, we truly believe Rafa will do well at the 2023 AO!

    We know Rafa will fight for it.

    The sun will be out, and it will be a beautiful warm day on Monday when Rafa plays Draper. Hopefully Rafa gets the win in 3 straightforward sets.

  3. Dear Fellow Rafans, I am very worried about Rafa’s draw and his AO preparation. I know that Rafa will always try his best. The problem with his fantastic start last year, is that it is very hard to repeat it. I only care that Rafa remains happy and healthy. That is what is really important in life.

  4. Rafa says he feels faster in the legs and more ready after practicing with top players for 3 weeks in Australia. I believe in Rafa, and Rafa will do well, one match at a time.

  5. Nadal said the Dunlup balls used this year, which AO officials say are the same as last year, are not the same and of worst quality without a doubt. According to Nadal, after a couple of hits, the ball loses pressure and doesn’t spin as much and will give advantage to those with floater shots. Nadal is not winning this AO. It’s not only the surface, the balls, the draw but his mind too.

    • Shame on you for making up these lies, young voter.

      Rafa never said that. Provide the quote and source to prove it.

      You continue to demonstrate poor judgment on this site.

      If I had a swatter and were the administrator, I’d swat you away and never for you to return to this site.

      • This is what Rafa said, and we should focus on the positives, not the negatives of the situation.

        “My personal momentum is not bad, I tell you. I am good and happy. I’m practising well. Then I need to win a couple of matches.

        “If that can happen here – I hope. If don’t, I going to keep working to make that happen as soon as possible … I think I am in an improvement moment that I have been better and better every single week. I feel faster in the legs. I feel playing better with more confidence. The last three weeks of preparation here have been very positive from my point of view”

        He added: “I would love to arrive here with a couple of victories, yes. That didn’t happen, so I need to accept that, need to live with it. The rest of the parts of my game that I have been working with, I am quite happy and I feel ready, in terms of trying to play a very good tennis on Monday. Then I need to make that happen and I’m going to fight for it.”

        Rafa will play and only improve. It’s a blessing for us to see Rafa play!

  6. Find your form, Rafa. Ignore the hype-you have faced this before-as you say, let us see
    what the day brings. Good luck, and stay confident and healthy👏👍💪🤛🍀🎾❤️

  7. 2022: Rafael Nadal handed nightmare Australian Open 2022 draw
    2023: Is Rafael Nadal the biggest loser of the Australian Open singles draw?

    Yawn. I am here to enjoy some tennis, and I will be up at 3.30am cheering on my champ, win or lose. I choose to stay positive. I know Rafa is not a quitter and he will fight to the very end and give it his all.

    Good luck Rafa!

    • You are blinded by negative bias against the GOAT, Rafa Nadal.

      Obviously, your third eye is a hindrance, not a help.

      • Third Eye is making false and biased predictions against Rafa. Yuck!

        I thought this is a Rafa Nadal fan site.

        Prove that you have a crystal ball. What will be the final score?

        As Rafa said, the history books will remember Rafa for winning, not losing.

        Rafa had a tough stretch after the abs injuries and is still trying his hardest to come back!

        I trust that Rafa will succeed!

        Yawn, what a bunch of foolish creeps who appear on this site to stir up controversy as if they can predict anything and everything.

  8. Why is zverev saving that rafa will retire at the french open. Has rafa said that when they were practicing. Why is rafa keep doing that does hé not understand that they will bother him at rhe press conferences and not willing to talk about tennis.

    • Rafa told the press it is fake news about his retirement this year!

      Please find out the source and facts before posting and spreading lies.

      Rafa and Zverev aren’t even that close in their relationship for Rfaa to confide in Zverev in such a way.


  9. Norrie, who has won almost all his matches since the start of the 2023 season, lost to Gasquet in the 250 final in auckland today. So, anything can happen.

    Rafa will build strength and momentum at the Australian Open. I know he is improving and will have his excellent chances to advance round after round.

  10. Most importantly is that Rafa wins this first round to give him that confidence and boost he needs. But the players he will be facing are ridiculous compared to Djokovic who will have a breeze with the players he will face.
    Something not fair about these match ups.

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