Rafael Nadal’s epic message to Roger Federer after end of historic career

Rafael Nadal didn’t miss an opportunity to honor one of the greatest Tennis players of all time – 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer.

Rafa posted on Instagram:

“Dear Roger, my friend and rival.
I wish this day would have never come… it’s a sad day for me personally and for sports people around the world. I said it to you when we spoke and now it’s here.
It’s been a pleasure but also an honor and privilege to share all these years with you, living so many amazing moments on and off the court.
We will have many more moments to share together in the future, there are still lots of things to do together, we know that.
For now, I truly wish you all the happiness with your wife, Mirka, your kids, your family and enjoy what’s ahead of you. I’ll see you in London at the Laver Cup.”


  1. Not related but has Nadal said anything on his upcoming schedule? I’m curious if he is going to play the remaining 2 masters and give himself a shot at YE #1

    • Where is the second Masters aside from Paris? Laver Cup, two Masters, ATP final, and five exhibitions in Latin America at the end of November; sounds like a lot. To answer your question, I don’t think there’s been anything made public beyond the Laver Cup and the exhibitions.

    • Hi All Rafa Fans, please make sure to vote for Rafa as your fan favorite for the ATP Fan Favorite Award (expected voting period to start in November). Now that Roger Federer is retiring, Rafa might actually have a good chance to win this award for the first time ever!!!

      • Amen and thanks for the reminder and planning ahead! Roger Federer has monopolized winning this award for the last 20+ years. Let’s all vote for Rafa as our ATP Fan Favorite this year and make sure Rafa gets his first ATP Fan Favorite Award in 2022, the same year that our dear Rafa set the grand slam men’s record!

    • A few years ago Roger mentioned teaching at the RN Academy. That would be fun but have not heard anything more about that.

      Rafa’s serve can be a real plus but the stretch reaching for the top of the ball toss obviously caused a real problem with the ab.

  2. This really hit me hard. On one hand as much as I loved watching Roger pl
    ay at Wimbledon I was devastated watching him beat Rafa in 2007 (not 2006, he was a superior player) and at the same time I loved watching them go back and forth in every match and on all surfaces, especially Wimbledon 2008. Be that as it may, I remember Roger’s absolutely fantastic message to Rafa after he broke his slam record this year and that more than anything made me appreciate his class.
    Sadly, no one beats time and nothing lasts forever I dread the day Rafa too will hang up his racquet, but all good things eventually come to an end. Thank you for the memories Roger and for making Rafa a better player. Best wishes for the future.

  3. Sorry to see Roger retire and dread the day you, Rafa announce your retirement. I’m still hoping it’s not too close – not next year. But of course that’ll all depend on your body. Can’t think of it. It’ll be such a sad day for me, for all your fans, for tennis and sport.
    Wish you all the best. Stay well and fit and enjoy your time with your family.

    Also, all the best to you and team Europe for the Laver Cup.

    • Such a beautiful letter from Rafa …it is very sad to hear that Roger has decided to retire however we haven’t seen him in a long long time and it was inevitable…. Roger & Rafa you can’t say one name without thinking of the other. Their rivalry is a significant part of both of their careers & together they gave the tennis world the most epic rivalry in history. I wish I turn back time & watch it all over again… it’s hard to believe that all those years have passed… Thank you Roger & Rafa for all the memories! Wishing Roger and his family a very happy healthy retirement …will be
      looking forward to see them play doubles at the laver cup cup!

      • Serena said she may play a Tom Brady & come back… I just hope it isn’t a Brett Favre move… that poor man just could not retire! She may come back but it will be more like Venus & she won’t get all that attention she has been lavished with! She is an icon & I was happy she was retiring!

  4. Still can’t believe this day had to come. But I am scared to see my idol hangs up one day too. But I knew Roger would hang up this year and I am afraid Rafa would too in next french open. Still want him to be the best player as he is now. For us fans he will be our goat forever. What a brilliant tribute by Rafa and above all like a True gentleman he put his losses to Roger in the pics. Vamos Rafa and Vamos Roger forever. Thank you Roger for Beautiful memories

  5. Moments you dread, but know they are inevitable. You and Roger have simply been the Best, Rafa. Warriors and gentlemen. You have made us proud to support you. I was lucky to see you both mesmerize us. You made this a golden era which will remain epic in sports history.
    Off court, you have been exemplary role models, perhaps not by design, but because you
    respect the sport and know that you are in a leadership position. It is not about being a fan;
    it is acknowledging excellence and perseverance when times have been dark and challenging
    for many. Thank you🙏❤️Good health and good luck to you both.

  6. It’s a little bit sad that Roger is retirement the tennis world will be losing a great embarrasedor he will be glad you sent him the letter vamos rafa xx

  7. So sad about Roger. Can’t imagine how it will feel when Rafa retires. Anyone else going to Laver Cup practice day?

    • It does feel like the end of an era. Not surprised but sad that Roger is retiring. Like Rafa a truly class act. Roger and Rafa gave us so many brilliant matches and, for Rafa fans, the 2008 Wimbledon Final tops the lot. Fortunately, I have a DVD of that match, which I will always treasure. I hate to think how I will feel when Rafa eventually retires. In the meantime, I shall look forward to watching them play Doubles together in the Laver Cup. (I am assuming it will be on TV, as I don’t have tickets!) Very best wishes to Roger in his forthcoming retirement.

  8. The end of the R & R show. Sad for the boys but they have their amazing friendship, which will carry on. Roger I alway liked him but he never took Rafas’ place in my heart. I supported Roger once Rafa not in a Slam or Masters. Roger is the other gentleman of tennis. Have a wonderful retirement. You are so old.. at 41🤣….you still are only a child. My ❤ will really 💔 when our Rafa gives us that news. Vamos

  9. Will look forward to the Laver cup, sad to see a legend retire, but knew one day soon it would be here. It does not make me feel any better knowing that fact cause one day it will be Rafa’s too.
    We are all blessed that we we could see Roger play, much praise to Rafa and Roger for their talent, professionalism and friendship.
    As always Rafa the gentleman!

  10. That’s nice. I hope we get to see them play doubles together at the Laver Cup. Sad to think that the Fedal era will soon be over, but what a friendship and what a rivalry they’ve had.

  11. Saw this news about Roger earlier this morning, sorry to see him leave the game, but am not totally surprised. Rafa is classy as always and I know he will miss Roger on tour. I’m so glad that he is participating in the Laver Cup in two weeks and will have a chance to play with Roger there.

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