Rafa Roundup: Nadal is looking forward being with his wife for the birth of their first child



Speaking at his press conference afterward, the Mallorcan stressed that the last few months have been difficult for him, both physically due to his recurrent injuries and mentally due to the stress of his wife Maria Francisca Perello’s ongoing pregnancy situation.

“It’s been a few months a little difficult in every way, this is the reality. And from there [I want to], start again professionally speaking and, on a personal level, finish with something that is important in my life, which is having my first son and trust that everything will turn out well,” Nadal said.

Rafael Nadal’s loss to Frances Tiafoe in New York has opened the door for the No.1 ranking to be claimed by another man, but it won’t be easy.

Nadal can still climb back to No.1 after the US Open if neither Carlos Alcaraz nor Casper Ruud reach the final. But if one of them breaks through to their first US Open final, all bets are off.

Isn’t it a big risk changing his serve before a Grand Slam?
If we didn’t change his serve, there was a very high risk of relapse. You go to war with the weapons you have. It’s Rafa, it’s a Grand Slam. He also said that after losing in Cincinnati, that he would activate ‘Grand Slam mode’. Clearly, the first matches could have been better, but we’ll see what happens.

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  1. Rafa has been programmed to do tennis, tennis, tennis since he was what? 4/5 years old? It’s been his entire life’s focus. When he says, “see you next year,” etc. those comments are being made before he has experienced holding his first newborn in his arms. Give the guy a chance to absorb what’s about to happen into his life. If he stops playing or continues playing after that it’s his and his family’s decision. He is a public figure, a sports icon, yes, but he is also a person and the any public who is pouncing now with negative opinions when he has given us so much entertainment and excitement for so many years and contributed to many causes we may never even know about needs to sit down.

    • Rafa has always made the right decisions in his career. Fans were wondering when he would start a family after all Novak has two kids Roger has four kids Andy Murray has four kids. I have heard Rafa say he would like to have kids when he wasn’t on tour anymore. He would not want to travel so much and be home with his family. So I’m thinking he would retire now that they are having a child. He would still be part of the tennis world doing exhibitions to raise money for charity… he is worth over 200 million so I don’t think he needs the money… I heard Rafa say his bank account says no but his mind & soul says yes. So fans can rest a sure Rafa will make the right decisions for his family…

  2. All I know is I was thrilled to see his words on his instagram post, “See you next year.” That alone gives me such encouragement after such great sadness about his loss at the US Open. That loss was just an echo of his internal conflicts, IMHO. He is likely far more concerned about Mery than he lets on (as with everything in his personal life). Go home, Rafa. Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience of the birth of your first child. Then we will all look forward to your return to the court.

    Am I the only one who thinks the US Open is unimportant now? I watch tennis nearly every day of the year regardless of who is on court. But when Rafa is on the court – TENNIS MATTERS. Now… it’s just another day watching tennis. Sigh. I so wish Rafa could have pulled off the win against Tiafoe and made it through to the final. So much I wish that. But… God has a plan for Rafa whether he believes in God or not… Rafa needs to be home with his beautiful wife during this very important time. And that’s right where God has him. Many blessings to you and your family, Rafa. We will see you when you’re ready to rock the tennis world again. God bless you.

    • Me too! There is hope that we will see Rafa back on the tennis court winning again! So much joy to see him play!

      • Until Rafa returns, I am going to watch his wins from the 2022 Australian Open and 2022 French Open on youtube again. Not to mention the 2020 French Open final drubbing of Djokovic. Puts a smile on my face every time!

  3. I understand that Rafa can’t play for 5 more years like Serena did (even tough in the last few years we know how much she actually played, nothing against her, just saying), but instead of taking rest and being with family Rafa has a full schedule this autumn. Those exos in Latin America are just bringing him a lot of money and I really can’t understand what was in his mind when he said yes. I’m 99% sure he will be at Laver Cup too because if they don’t pay him at least 5 million dollars fee what would be the reason to play in London. Why choosing exos over being with your wife and baby? Why? Give me one valid reason. And I’m not a Rafa hater, I really support him but I often think about his decisions. Some of them I just don’t understand.

      • Also Rafa has a foundation that he helps fund. When Roger had the exhibition with Rafa in 2020 that money went to South African charities. On the other hand, when Roger and Dominic toured South America it was to benefit Roger Federer.

        So I don’t know where the money goes but Rafa obviously has millions of fans in Latin countries and he no doubt wants to promote tennis and his own brand.

      • Yes, Rafa! You want to “….take care of important things to come.” and rightly so. Never mind being world no.1 (been there, done that). You’re number one priority is Mary and your son-to-be. Exciting times ahead. See you on the tour again when you’re good and ready.

    • Been very quiet, as I agree with you, Emily.

      And then again, everyone deserves their choice.

      My choice would be to spend those first few months with their child and the mother of their son, something you can never get back.

  4. A precious time for Rafael and Mery. This is a champion like no other-he knows exactly where his priorities lie. We respect their privacy. Yes, the loss was sad, but you will soon
    discover a new chapter that will enthrall you-the best of luck to the Nadal family❤️

  5. So excited and could not be happier for Rafa and Maria…wishing Maria an easy delivery and healthy baby, hope we get to see a pic of mini Rafa soon.🥰

    • I am with you on all of this Mimi but I do have a concern.

      If Rafa promises to put a tiny mask AND a bandanna, like daddy, on baby Nadal whenever in public, sure, show me a photo.

      Yes, I know his family will be protected but I still worry.

      • Just be with your wife dont play tennis unless you are 100% healthy fysically and mentally. Ask someone for help who can teach you on how to improve your serve and how to be calm on the court in difficult moments. You hit 10 double faults against tiafoe a absolute disgrace

      • Margo, I understand your concern.

        I am hoping Rafa would provide a photo of his newborn like he did with his wedding photo above.

    • Yes I wondered that too. The sale of tickets for the Laver Cup in London will have been significantly boosted by the expected participation of Federer and Rafa and the likelihood that they would play doubles together again. How many more times, if any, are we likely to see that? So I think Rafa will be reluctant to withdraw, as long as Maria is well and he is feeling okay. It is only an exhibition after all; so not too much pressure for Rafa.

      I am sure Rafa’s successive injuries to his ribs and abdomen at Indian Wells and Wimbledon and the very limited recovery and practice time since explains his loss yesterday. On top of that we now know he had to alter his serve at the Open in order not to suffer a relapse! Such a lot to deal with and his pregnant wife in hospital too; even for our indefatigable Rafa! I do hope that those on this site who criticised Rafa’s relatively poor serving during his match against Tiafoe are now ashamed of themselves. They certainly should be and if they aren’t they should transfer their fickle support to Djokovic. Rafa doesn’t need it and the rest of us can certainly do without it.

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