US Open 2022: Friday practice photos

Yesterday during the second round match against Fabio Fognini, Rafael Nadal ended up hitting his nose with his own racket. Since it is not broken our champ was able to practice on Friday in New York City. Here are a few photos from his practice session.


  1. This is painful for Gasquet even though he has been getting points but no games so far. Its affecting the atmosphere too I think. Great for Rafa though.

    • More competitive now… just when I was starting to feel bad for Gasquet:):)

      Finish this with no drama Rafa!

    • Nope! Richard is coming back! Can’t believe it’s the same player! I hope Rafa gets it done in three sets because he has Francis waiting for him! I’m really rooting for Francis he is awesome … but not with Rafa!

  2. It will be past my bedtime when Rafa will be playing Gasquet, but I know he’ll come out tops. Vamos Rafa ❤

  3. A similar freak accident happened to Tim Puetz in a doubles match when his racquet rebounded off the ground and hit him in the eye. Unfortunately Puetz had to retire from the match.
    Lucky for Rafa that he could finish his match and get the win. His nose will be sore for a while, but I’m glad it’s business as usual.

  4. Good Luck on your game tonight. I will be watching. You know it doesn’t matter what you are wearing you are still so handsome even with a bandage on you nose. I hope it is feeling better. I never saw that happen to anyone. So happy you can still play and WIN the U.S. Open. All the best Rafa All the best to you and your team

  5. A few minutes of real concern when our champion was injured. Thankfully he was able to continue but what a painful thing to happen.
    All good wishes to Rafa and his team.☘️☘️☘️

  6. So glad to hear your perfect nose is not broken ! What a weird thing to happen to my wonderful tennis champ!! Get your timing back!! You are the greatest ever!! 🌺🌺🌺🎾🎾🎾🎾💕💕💕💕

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