Rafael Nadal’s concern for his wife and baby’s health, Spanish newspaper reports

Although the baby is reported to be out of danger and Rafael Nadal’s wife Maria Francisca Perello is recovering, the doctors indicated that she will have to remain a few weeks in the hospital for observation and Rafa’s sister Maria Isabel is keeping an eye on her evolution.

Spanish newspaper Marca reports that the family is very angry because the video of the moment in which Mery was hospitalized in the Hospital Quironsalud Palmaplanas was leaked to the press and they informed that they will look for the guilty parties.

In addition, they revealed that the medical history of Rafa’s wife was leaked and this caused that there are journalists waiting for an opportunity to leak or get information from the private clinic.

This situation has caused discomfort in the family, so they are considering the possibility of transferring her to another clinic.

The medical report indicates that Mery will have to be under observation from her current 31st week of gestation until her 34th week. In fact, it has been reported that this period is for observation and to avoid any kind of shock in her pregnancy.

Source: marca.com


  1. All the very best to the three of you. How everyone are you may think it is fine to leak details re famous people but what if it was you and your family a unborn CHILD stop and think what a disaster you could have caused. I hope you are caught and prosecuted to the fullest you are a………. People who have earn fame need love and our prayers and privacy, they deserve to have a life of their own we have to be thankful for what they tell us we don’t deserve to know. Once again all good things for the three of you, you are loved. Xoxo

  2. Rafa and Mery may the good Lord bless you and your baby and keep you all well. Please don’t worry about what goes on outside your room Mery just be at peace and keep your baby safe and loved and talk to her/him which ever it is. They hear you and then feel safe. Love to both of you and you sweet baby . All the Best

  3. All will be well with mother and baby by God’s grace.

    We also have our very own doctor here. Dr. Khawar- I’m sure he will be willing to go to Mery and tend to her at home until delivery, avoiding all that hospital drama:)

    Enjoy your peace of mind Rafa, Wishing you all the very best!

  4. May God keep you safe and well. Mery !!! Rafa, and baby!!!!!! What a test of you all. SENDING The Strength of Love to the whole family.

  5. Is anything sacred any more. Whomsoever leaked this should be sacked . It’s such an intrusion.All good wishes to 🥲Mery, Rafa and their precious baby

  6. Only support and love for Rafa and Mery!! Shame on hospital personnel for adding stress to the Nadal family!!!!!

  7. Sending you love to both you and your wife let’s hope that it still goes well and she is in a safe place

  8. What a bad reputation for the Hospital Quironsalud Palmaplanas! Some people would sell their own soul just to earn money.

  9. Sending warm and well wishes for Rafa’s wife and the baby. What a world we live in, nothing is sacred and private. Hope the guilty parties are found and prosecuted.

  10. Rest as much as you need to, Mery. My daughter went through the same situation and her”baby” is now a healthy happy 19 year old young woman. ❤️❤️❤️

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