Match highlights: Rafael Nadal recovers to down Rinky Hijikata in first round clash | 2022 US Open [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal defeated Rinky Hijikata in four sets at the US Open on Tuesday to reach the second round.

On-Court Interview:


  1. It has been the Serena Show, so JMAC flips the switch to cause controversy. If Rafa can laugh it off, so can we. He handles the press like a pro, even in ingles. But, hey, how do you seriously ask that question of a 22 Grand Slam Champion? 😳😏🫤

  2. My stomach was turning a lot while watching this match. I thought it would be an easy breeze through match, but Rinky was tenacious, and ultimately the Nadal strategies and experience gave way to unseat Rinky.
    Thank goodness! my belief is that as Rafa keeps playing he will get better and better, and stronger.Can’t wait to see him hold up the trophy!!!
    Regarding John, what the heck?? I like John but sometimes he puts his foot in his mouth.
    Rafa will put him in his place the Rafa way.

  3. Well done Rafa! Trust you’ll get better as the tournament progresses. Hope you’re feeling relatively fine. Stay healthy and fit.

    Don’t know why John McEnroe had to make that remark. Yep, talk to him about it.

    Wish you everything good for all your matches!
    Love you!!!

    VAMOS! 🍀🍀🍀👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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