VIDEO: Rafael Nadal gives NYC middle schoolers lesson of a lifetime

More than two dozen lucky middle schoolers on Randall’s Island now have the privilege of calling tennis player Rafael Nadal their mentor and honorary coach.

Work, work, and work. And of course, we need to move well and to hit a good shot. If the footwork is not working and we are not moving well around the ball then it’s impossible to hit some good shots. But the main thing to start in my opinion is to keep looking at the ball all the time. Don’t worry about if the ball goes in or out.

Rafa Nadal

It was the opportunity of a lifetime for the future stars at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy.

The event was made possible by Santander Bank which partnered with City Year.

City Year is a non-profit organization that helps students stay in school and on track to graduate high school.



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