US Open 2022: Friday practice photos

Even though it was double practice session for Rafael Nadal in New York today he still had time to chat with media.

“With the tools that I have today, I hope to be competitive enough to give myself a chance. Yeah, taking care with the serve, being honest. But in general terms, yes, I am practicing at high level of intensity. I’m quite happy the way that I am playing. … But is already two weeks on the tour, even if only one match professional, official,” Rafa said. “But practicing every day with the guys help me, without a doubt. I played sets every day for the last five days. That helps, of course. Before Cincinnati I just played two sets there before the tournament start, so it’s difficult. Even if I had my chance, the preparation have been not very long, but I gave myself a chance there. Was not possible. Let’s try here again, no, with a better preparation. From my perspective, I am practicing quite well. Let’s see what can happen, but I am happy with the practices.”


  1. Great to see Rafa playing so well in practice. I hope that his serve will not cause any damage to his abdominal injury. He is happy and doing wonderful PR, NYC loves him. 🍎Looking forward to the US Open. Go Rafa

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