Rafa Roundup: Spanish media report that Rafael Nadal’s wife Maria Francisca Perello is in hospital

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All eyes will be undoubtedly be focused on Nadal during the fortnight, although he also comes into the year’s final major having only played one match since he pulled out of Wimbledon with an abdominal injury. And the main focus will be whether Nadal can capture his 23rd major and pull ahead in the Greatest of All Time (Goat) debate.

The Goat discussion has become a distracting epidemic in tennis – and all sports, for that matter. It’s a tiresome, simplistic and one-dimensional approach to assessing greatness, and is also an affront to history and perspective. It’s hard to date when the Goat debates became an obsession among fans and sportswriters alike, but it reached mass appeal with Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. The rush to bestow the Goat title is a myopic, insecure and immature reflex by sportswriters and commentators who feel the need to declare their own generation is undoubtedly the best.

“I do think he is the favourite, absolutely,” McEnroe said. “I would be surprised if he doesn’t [finish as world No. 1].

“Especially, as it turned out, it would have helped if there was points at Wimbledon for him. But it hurt people like Novak and other players that had done well the previous year.

“He [Nadal] is in a great position to do that, which is amazing considering that he didn’t play for six months before that. Rafa does things that you can’t believe that it happened, which is why he’s considered the best and up there with the all-time greatest players – you never know what to expect.

Xisca Perelló, Rafael Nadal’s wife, was admitted to the Quirónsalud Palmaplanas Hospital on Tuesday. Thirty-one weeks pregnant, she is understood to be under observation. She is believed to have a minor complication but nothing serious.

Nadal, who is in America ahead of the US Open, which starts next week, is said not to have altered his plans.

La mujer de Rafa Nadal, embarazada de 31 semanas, podría someterse en las próximas horas a una operación por recomendación de sus médicos. Los doctores de momento la mantienen en observación por precaución y para evitar complicaciones. Sus familiares la acompañan en su ingreso desde el lunes. En las últimas horas se ha visto a los padres de Mery Perelló en la cafetería de la clínica, y también a Maribel Nadal, cuñada de Mery y una de sus mejores amigas

“Well it’s tough to give a prediction on the finals when we don’t even have a draw. I think [Daniil] Medvedev is about the safest money in the tournament right now, obviously on the heels of last year, and he’s proven that he likes the courts. The big question mark is Rafa’s [Nadal] health — he’s only had one match since he pulled out of Wimbledon. The lead-up tournaments have had some surprising winners, a guy who was ranked 150 in the world (Borns Coric) just won Cincinnati. For the first time in a long time, I think there are more question marks than answers.”

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  1. Mery Que Dios te cuide a ti y el bebé. Buena suerte en todo. Ten fe que Dios es sobre todos. Van a estar bien

  2. We send good wishes to Mery-hope all is well with her and the baby. NY is heating up, and we
    look forward to Rafa’s campaign-nothing but the best of health and luck👍👏🤛💪🎾🍀❤️

  3. Praying for Mery though I am sure all is well. Not uncommon to have some “twinges” at this stage in the pregnancy. Regarding Serena – I’m just not (and never have been) a fan of hers at all. Next. And loved the on court interview. I sure do wish I could be in NYC for this event! Always anxious before a Major for our G.O.A.T., Rafa! Vamos!

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