US Open 2022: Rafael Nadal’s first practice session in New York City

Rafael Nadal had his first practice session at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Our champ will be competing at the US Open for the first time since winning the title in 2019. VAMOS RAFA!


  1. Rafa is lighting it up on the practice court…. Today he’s scheduled for a 2 hour practice on Ashe right after Serena’s 2 hour practice…. Everyone else got assigned a 1 hour practice….
    Then he takes a 5 hour break ….and will come outside to his fave P-1 practice court at 4 pm for another hour…. Then it’s exhibition time at the charity event…

    See you at practice Rafa…. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I like what Rafa said in his news conference after the Coric loss that getting through the first opponent is what enables him to improve and build confidence for the next one . Rafa can win this tournament as he did in 2019 if he serves well and plays aggressive offensive tennis .

    • Sounds like a spawn of maria snake island ‘prophet’

      Sure we get it, Rafa is prone to injury. We love him and support him anyway. He is the greatest. Now take your hatery somewhere else and wallow in your miserable existence.

      • Haha, young voter and Maria snake island appear to be from the same family or friends of each other with all the negative energy they spew. Pessimists and haters -go away.

        In Rafa we trust!

  3. Hoping for a good run in the US. I’ve got tickets for the laver cup practice session next month….now even more paranoid about injury as I think that will be the only time I might get to see Rafa live. Fingers crossed 🤞

  4. Glad to see his primary coach, Coach Carlos Moya is back with Rafa after a short break. Vamos Rafa💪❤️ Can’t wait to see him participating at the charity event, hopefully Rafa and Iga will play mixed doubles…

    • Mimi, there was an announcement a couple of weeks ago that Rafa would play an exhibition match against Carlos in the Ukraine charity event. But Rafa and Iga playing doubles is a wonderful idea!

      Seeing Rafa smiling and practicing gives me some confidence that he is far enough along in healing that he can truly be ready for next week.

      BTW does anybody understand the change in terminology by Rafa in referring to the injury as a “scar” as opposed to an ab “tear”? Is that to indicate that the internal healing now looks like a “scar” on the MRI rather than a tear? I assume its all internal and that there is no external “scar.”

      • Hi David,

        Thank you!🙏❤️ Yes I actually found out about this charity event from reading your previous post a while ago.

        Rafa’s smile is contagious.☺️

      • David – I noticed during the press conference when Rafa was talking about this that he turned and asked someone (figured it was someone from his team) in Spanish what the word was in English and he then says scar, so it made me wonder whether it was just an incorrect translation. By the way Rafa was talking I thought he was referring to the area where the ab tear was and how even when it heals it can feel tighter than normal or tighter than the rest of the ab area. Anyways just a guess on my part, cause as you noted there generally wouldn’t be an scar from an internal ab tear.

      • An abdominal muscle tear leaves a “scar” when it heals. Rafa had a tear during the American hard court season in 2009. Interestingly, after he suffered another tear during Paris 1000 in 2019 his doctor said the scar left from the 2009 tear actually prevented the new tear from becoming larger. In Cincy Rafa was unsure whether he was “feeling” the tear or the new scar when he served, resulting in serving cautiously.

      • I think I can David. When a muscle tear heals it usually leaves behind scar tissue, which makes further injury in that area more likely. So players do have to take special care when they return to the tour in order to avoid a recurrence. This is particularly difficult when it is an abdominal tear because the abdominal muscles are generally put under a lot of strain when playing tennis, especially when serving. Rafa will not be able to serve at his best unless and until he has fully recovered from this injury.

  5. Rafa looks more muscle-bound than ever in his figure-hugging sleeveless vest (no complains on my side).
    I heard that the courts for the US Open are faster this year than previous, so I hope Rafa can handle the speed and emerge victorious.

  6. Rafa be assured that your millions of fans including me, your no.1 Irish fan will be sending positive vibes to you in Flushing Meadows. All the Luck in the World to you my Champion. ☘☘☘☘🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦❤❤❤❤☘☘☘☘🇪🇦🇪🇦

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