PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal is enjoying summer break with friends in Spain

Rafael Nadal ia taking some time out to relax while enjoying a holiday in Formentera, Spain.

He showed off his sporty physique as he soaked up the sun on board a yacht and enjoyed a jet ski ride. The Daily Mail reports that Rafa was accompanied by a male pal during his time on the boat. He is looking happy and relaxed during the day out at sea where he jumped energetically on a jet ski and enjoyed a ride around the waves.

Rafa also posted this photo on his Instagram:

In case you didn’t know/notice, Rafa is wearing Crabs’ turtle swim shorts. His sister Maria Isabel is one of four founders of Crabs Company, which arose from a passion for Mallorca and the dream of a group of young adults who set themselves a complex but captivating mission; to embody one of the seasons, summer, in a line of clothing.


  1. A great picture of rest and relaxation. See you in the North American swing when I’m sure you’ll come back stronger and even more determined….

  2. I wish that these intrusive paparazzi would trsorctvhid privacy. It’s so intrusive. I hope he enjoyed his break at sea.

  3. Rafa posted a lovely photo for us ,which was enough .I would like it if we did not use paparazzi photos taken without permission and not at a public event

  4. Someone posted on Twitter photo from his Instagram and if you zoom it you can see that his left foot (that bone) is really big. Is that because of all injections during Roland Garros?

    • that is the congenital disease he has to deal with, showing.
      If you look it up, he was born w/ the foot issue that has become worse since 2005.
      Injections would NOT do that to a bone.
      Nor would they create swelling when in fact it’s swelling that is the problem

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