ATP Rankings: Rafael Nadal back to No. 3 after Wimbledon

(Photo by Shi Tang/Getty Images)

The post Wimbledon rankings are up.

Rafael Nadal, who reached the semifinals and was forced to pull out due to an abdominal tear, climbed up one spot to No 3, one spot behind Germany’s Alexander Zverev.

Daniil Medvedev stayed atop the rankings despite not being allowed to compete at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon 2022 champion Novak Djokovic fell to seventh place – his lowest position in four years – as a consequence of the removal of ranking points from this year’s Championships.

ATP World Tour rankings – top 10 as of Monday 11 July:

1. Daniil Medvedev 7,775
2. Alexander Zverev 6,850
3. Rafael Nadal 6,165
4. Stefanos Tsitispas 5,150
5. Casper Ruud 5,050
6. Carlos Alcaraz 4,845
7. Novak Djokovic 4,770
8. Andrey Rublev 3,700
9. Félix Auger-Aliassime 3,445
10. Jannik Sinner Italy 3,185

Injured Roger Federer has dropped outside the top 1,000 players in the ATP rankings for the first time in 25 years.

In the 52 week rankings, the year to date rankings, Rafa is still No. 1.


  1. Proud of you champion. Keep surprising us by winning more slams. I think he needs to win 3 more to stand atop alone. He is already a goat but Novak is right behind him. Wow what an Era we are witnessing

  2. Rafa completed a record-extending 866 consecutive weeks inside the top 10 of the ATP rankings on April 25, 2022. The player with the second-longest top 10 streak, Jimmy Connors, sits at 788 while the third, Roger Federer, is at 734.

    This is where Rafael Nadal dwarfs his Big Three counterparts, Roger and Novak Djokovic, as he has never left the top 10 for 17 consecutive years. Either Roger or Novak has gone out of the top 10 at various points of their careers (Roger’s uninterrupted ranking for 25 years only involves being in the top 1,000 with any points at all).

    It’s actually a reflection of the consistency and toughness as well as excellence of Rafa that he has not been out of the top 10 despite the numerous injuries he has suffered throughout his career. Among the Big Three, after all, he’s had to deal with the most numerous and assorted types of injuries that may be experienced by a player like him.

    The difference in Rafa’s staying in the top 10 despite a protracted absence from the court on many occasions is that whenever he is in action, he has managed to perform well enough not to be left out in the ability to earn points. That is consistency and excellence at work right there. And there have also been many occasions when he has played through injuries that would have sidelined many other mortals, a testimony to his toughness that may not have any match not only among his peers but with any player in history.

    It’s safe to say Rafa’s top 10 record will never be broken, just like his record 14 French Open titles.

  3. I wonder what his ranking would have been had he won Wimbledon as he would have had he been able to stay in the tournament? After watching the final (sadly… knowing Rafa should have been there), I’m quite sure Rafa would have beaten Novak. And I’m PROUD of Novak for standing up for his beliefs! If more people would have done so rather than simply “going along to get along” …. we would be LONG OVER this nightmare that needn’t have ever happened in the first place!

    Rafa is THE GOAT. !!!

    • If Rafa played, he will still be beaten by Novak. Novak wins 4 consecutive yrs out of 7 Wimbledon title. Rafa only win twice in Wimbledon. And it was still in yr 2010 that last time he won. If I analyze it, it’s a 2% chance for Rafa to beat Novak in Wimbledon just like in French Open tournament, Novak has few % chance of winning against Rafa because of the expertise of Rafa on clay.

      • A fit Rafa would have been more likely to beat Djoko at Wimbledon. Rafa is a lot smarter and more focused on the tennis court than Kyrgios.

  4. ATP Rankings top 10 if points were awarded (points added after Wimbledon)

    Daniil Medvedev – 7,775 (-)
    Rafael Nadal Spain 6,885 (+720)
    Alexander Zverev Germany 6,850 (-)
    Novak Djokovic Serbia 6,770 (+2,000)
    Stefanos Tsitispas Greece 5,240 (+90)
    Casper Ruud Norway 5,095 (+45)
    Carlos Alcaraz Spain 5,085 (+240)
    Cameron Norrie Great Britain 3,875 (+720)
    Andrey Rublev – 3,700 (-170)
    Jannik Sinner Italy 3,545 (+360)

  5. It’s incredible how Rafa has maintained his top 10 ranking and deserves every bit of praise for it, even in his worst year as a professional (2015). But sports should not be politicized, the net result at this year’s Wimbledon was a woman of Russian origin won the ladies championships and it’s bizarre that Novak who won the championship dropped by 4 places. He may be Rafa’s fiercest rival but as fans we should not think this is right.
    After all, tennis is a meritocracy and Novak doesn’t deserve to lose ranking points for winning.
    Wishing Rafa a speedy recovery.

    • Djokovic did not lose rankings points for winning. He lost ranking because last year’s Wimbledon points automatically drop off and the ATP decided that no points would be awarded for Wimbledon this year. Its unfair for all the players, not just Djokovic. Rafa would have gained points if Wimbledon points were awarded as usual.

      Moreover if Djokovic does not play the U.S. Open he will lose his 1200 runner up points from 2021 and he will drop out of the top ten unless he finds tournaments outside of the U.S. and earns points.

      For the time being Djokovic will not have the advantage of draws that favor the highest ranked players. He will face ranked players earlier in the draw and he could face top ten players before the QF.

      Rafa figures to be the second seed at the U.S. Open if he can play and Djokovic and Sascha can not play.

      I don’t see anything about the system that is more unfair to Djokovic than it is to the other players. Of course he could choose to get vaccinated like all everyone else and thus play all four of the Majors.

      • I’m not talking about vaccination. That is his problem/ choice. I’m talking about politicizing sports at Wimbledon which banned Russian players and led to penalties by the ATP/ WTA. Yes, it’s bizarre that a slam champion loses ranking spots whoever they are. As far as the US and Australian open are concerned, Djokovic knows/ knew the rules. It was his error/ deliberate false declaration that led him to being deported/ banned for 3 years from Australia. The US open? His choice not to enter. That’s fine by me.

  6. I read somewhere that Rafa has been in the top 10 constantly for the last 16/17 years. No other player I believe has achieved that. Rafa is brilliant, consistent and a genius. What he could have achieved had it not been for injuries. I understand he’s missed 16 majors due to his various physical issues over the years. Anyway onwards and upwards Rafa. Lovely you are back ranked at no. 3 in the world. Vamos!!

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