Rafa Roundup: Nadal is already in Barcelona

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“For him to play on two days in these circumstances, it was going to be very difficult. I know it’s difficult for him to make the decision, but I think it’s a smart decision because if you can’t play at your top level, it’s going to be almost impossible to win the Slam.

“I believe the most important thing for him now is to recover and take time off because if you get a tough injury, like three or four months again, away from the tournaments it will be devastating for his mind and for his goals for the year.

“We always support Rafa – especially now – and it’s a shame. If he knew that he wouldn’t be able to play the semi-final, I’m sure he would have retired. But he didn’t, and he thought that he might have a chance.”

He’s 36 and he knows he has to be strategic in how he manages his body and playing time. This decision Thursday tells us he is still thinking about continuing his career, keeping to his schedule and working toward being sufficiently healthy for the U.S. Open.

Rafa wants to play on. He’s not done yet. That is one of the bigger takeaways from his decision at Wimbledon. 

Following the news, fans were quick to suggest Fritz deserves a spot in the semi-final but the world No. 14 shut down those suggestions in a comment on social media.

Fritz took to social media to thank fans for their support during his stint in the British grand slam, before one user suggested that they ‘should have let you go forward’.

The American responded swiftly and wrote: ‘Nah not looking for handouts, if I couldn’t beat him [Nadal] then I don’t deserve to be in the semis…simple as that’.

His first tournament after Wimbledon is usually Montreal in the second week of August. If that is too soon for his abdominal injury, Cincinnati the following week should do the trick, and then on to the US Open at the very end of the month. 

But how long can Nadal continue to manage his injuries and remain competitive? It is certainly clear that his competitive priority now is all about the Grand Slams. Other tournaments serve a purpose only in as much as they feed into these key targets.

Social media related to Rafa:

Rafa thanking members of staff upon his departure from Wimbledon

Rafa is already in Barcelona where he will do more tests hoping he will be fit in 3-4 weeks


  1. Hey Rafa, as much as it was a disappointment for me to see you retire, I wish you a speedy recovery. You are one of a kind, you bring inspiration to all. Love you as a great tennis player and a wonderful person

  2. You never cease to inspire and be an amazing example to people of all ages. God bless you and may you look to Him for guidance. I just know you will be back better than ever. Thank you for being you!!! Vamos Rafa!!

  3. Rafa Made the right decision and i truly respect fritz statement. Tennis is a meritocracy. Cut and dried.

  4. Hard to see such a lovely champ have to leave but you will be back.look after yourself and your family
    Love Helen Cormican ireland

  5. Rafa is just as tenacious in recovering from injury as he is about his tennis, his academy and foundation as well as his family’s welfare. He is amazing. I am sure Rafa will be ready for the U.S. Open.

    I am also sure he will not want to go into New York cold. Rafa will want to play what used to be called the Rogers Cup which I believe is in Montreal this year. That will be the fifth week of recovery. Rafa enjoys playing in Canada but if he isn’t ready at the fifth week he can play the next week in Cincinnati.

    Vamos Rafa!

  6. Health is the most important thing. Get well soon Rafa❤️ We are all with you, as always.

  7. Rafa should save his body. He may truly be at the end of his career and real fans understand that.

  8. Fritz is right and I respect his honesty and pride.in his comment about not wanting a “handout”. As for Rafa, there’s no place like home back in Spain. He should forget competing in any warm up tournaments and just focus on the US Open. He’s done it before and he can do it again. My best wishes go with you champ.

  9. Hey Rafa-best of luck on the road to recovery, and a pause from the British press. No doubt the decision to withdraw was a heartbreaker, but we support your choice. Forever etched in our memory is how you fought
    the pain-you stunned TF-until victory was yours! You left everything and more on Centre Court, and it is pure idiocy for anyone to suggest you were faking or that TF would accept a pass to the semi-final. Give TF credit
    for shutting those “suggestions” down. No need to watch Wimby this weekend-a restorative cruise?❤️‍🩹💝

  10. Rafa,

    I love watching you play, you and Roger are my favourite players to watch. I can’t tell you how upset I was for you, but you definitely made the right decision. How you beat Taylor I will never know. I wish you all the best and I hope you get well soon and you get to the US open and win. The way you thanked everyone at Wimbledon I found so touching I have always said you are a real gentleman. Look after yourself. Warmest wishes Caroline Muller

  11. Rafayou are a champ. To go on with so mutch pain and win the semis. Only you can do that. May God be with you in your recovery. We love you my son and will be praying for your speedy recovery. Mollie SA

  12. I enjoy watching you play so much congratulations on making the semi finals of Wimbledon and so sorry for your injury but you make the right decision in pulling out to get rest and heal to be able to hopefully compete in the US Open take care

  13. Get well soon, Rafa❤️ Thank you for the unforgettable memories!🙏 It has been a privilege watching you play three times on Centre Court!!! I still don’t know how you managed to beat Taylor Fritz?😱🥹💪👍👏🎾❤️

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