Rafa Roundup: Think positive and trust in Rafael Nadal

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“What hurts is that I couldn’t compete in a privileged situation because I was playing well and in the semi-finals of a tournament as important as Wimbledon,” Nadal said after landing in Barcelona on Friday.

“In the end, there is nothing left but to look forward and have a positive attitude.

“You know what’s up, but you always want to play and try to the end. I am a fairly calm person and I try to analyse things with perspective, looking for the logical and rational part.”

A player who loses in qualifying (usually, but not always in the final round) can enter the main draw as a “lucky loser” when someone pulls out through injury or illness. But doing it again when the draw is beyond the first round means a player could theoretically win the title having lost twice, if they lost in qualifying and then again at some later stage.

Fritz is right. If he was not good enough to beat Nadal, he should not have gone through. And if you offer a possibility that someone can go through when they lose a match, it could also lead to a greater risk of match-fixing. As unlikely as it may sound, what would stop a pre-match favourite colluding with an opponent, losing a match deliberately, knowing the other player would pull out and allow them through?

The beauty and the unique challenge of Grand Slam tennis is that players have to navigate a gruelling two-week draw, including seven match-wins over 14 days. While Kyrgios will only have six if he lifts the trophy come Sunday, the idea of Fritz winning despite being knocked out sits even worse from a fairness perspective.

There have only been two walkovers in Grand Slam singles semi-finals in the Open Era. It is 30 years since there was last one in the men’s singles, when Richard Krajicek pulled out of the 1992 Australian Open to hand Jim Courier a place in the final. In the women’s singles you have to go back even further, to the 1988 US Open, when Steffi Graf won by walkover after Chris Evert withdrew.

If you are a Wimbledon and tennis history lover, you should enjoy this quiz!

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  1. “I am not vaccinated and I am not planning to be vaccinated…..” ND is unchanged and does not remember
    Adria? Covid is on an uptick….arrogance personified.

  2. RNF thanks for your very encouraging headline to this article. I can’t wait for Rafa’s return and I believe that Djokovic’s victory will give Rafa extra impetus to come back stronger. He’s a man who loves a challenge and will want to keep a distance in gs between him and his arch rival.

  3. I was really moved by the video of Rafa’s farewell to Wimbledon staff after his withdrawal. Rafa is such a class act I hope he’ll return next year to greet them and complete unfinished business..

  4. I read about Kyrgios’ personal struggles with his mental health and, although I do not condone his on court behaviour I do sympathise with what he’s gone through.
    Despite some bad behaviour, Kyrgios has really taken the tournament seriously and shown that he genuinely cares about the outcome. Rafa has parted the ways for him and I really hope that, against the odds, he grabs the opportunity and wins the tournament.

  5. I remember breaking my heart when Stefan Edberg had to retire in the Australian Open final in 1990. Injuries strike at the worst possible time. It’s a huge shame that the semi-final couldn’t take place, but injuries happen. Whom are people supporting tomorrow, Djokovic or Kyrgios? It’s not the best of choices!

  6. Take a break and secure the injury. It has been an amazing half of the season 2022. Vamos Rafa! ✌

  7. For me, Rafa has COMPLETED his MISSION in WIMBLEDON. His QF is the MOST DYNAMIC GAME EVER in all Wimbledon matches combining all tennis players. I believe if you get a survey, his QF will get the highest vote. I am sure everyone in the Stadium and Online has enjoyed the game so much. It’s miraculous and supernatural on how Rafa gathered all his remaining strength due to abdominal pain and put on his resilient spirit with determination to WIN. It is already his Championship battle to take back and REDEEM his lost Championship against Frinzt in Indian Wells. For me, this is God’s purpose for Rafa’s Tour in Wimbledon. Giving him back his lost VICTORY in Indian Wells. I have a sense of Rafa’s fulfillment, PEACEFUL overall. Rafa made a WISE DECISON because he had finished his race well. GOOD and PERFECT HEALTH for Rafa, my prayer everyday. Jeremiah 33:3

  8. Yes, absolutely important as positive waves of vibration directed at Rafa by his loving fans travel and are received by him wherever in the world we may be.

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